Your words touch.

whisper-500x666When you speak you are reaching out and touching the person you are speaking too. Your voice travels across the space between you. It touches their skin and their ear drums. It shakes the hairs on their neck and moves their hearts.

More than this words can make or break us in the most cruel ways. We forget that we are all connected all the time. It may seem like the space between us is empty, but just like the water moves between islands in unseen currents so does the air and the light connect us to each other.

So much hate in the world is perpetrated by our sense of the “other” and yet the flow of the world around us links us in ways that we never think about.

484318_477717275613813_2056934576_nTo speak to another person is one of the most intimate connections that a human can make with another. When we use words to hurt each other the assault is total, physical and emotional.

Your words are powerful and like your finger print your voice is unique in the world. Use it wisely, use it joyfully, use it lovingly.

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  • April 9, 2014 at 4:10 pm

    The font on your blog is hard to read.


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