Why forgiveness is not something I will offer this time round.

Now that the postal survey on Marriage Equality is over in Australia and we eagerly await the announcement of the results it would be easy to think that the fight is over. The truth is that the last three months have been far from the respectful debate that Malcom Turnbull and the proponents of the plebiscite claimed it would be and their insistence of this fact despite the reality of what the GLBTIQ community has been subjected to is insulting. All this postal survey has done is emboldened the homophobes and bigots in politics to say and do whatever they can to deny us equality.

This 2 month hatefest has seen a 20% rise in Young GLBTIQ people seeking assistance from ReachOut an service that provides support for young people and their families over a broad range of mental health issues.

With a Yes vote considered very likely the next step in Conservatives plan to delay equailty and continue to attack the LGBTQI community here in Australia is to ensure that any Marriage Equality bill is watered down with “protections” for Religious objectors to continue to discriminate. Bills are already being tabled that will allow anyone to deny goods and services to LGBTQI people including organisations like hospitals including Doctors and schools. It’s an attempt to use a Yes vote to scare the public in to rolling back anti discrimination laws and even includes a fine for those who make complaints of more then $5000.00. The proposed bill would also grant parents the right to pull their children out of class if they believe the content conflicts with their beliefs against same-sex marriage.

The Paterson Bill would also enshrine Transphobia in Australian law 

It would also allow Gay couples to be discriminated against on their Honeymoons

As well as a range of other “protections” that would strip away anti discrimination protections for Samesex couples and couples that include Transgendered people.
When the bill is finally passed politicians will stand around and shake hands. They will say what a win for Australian Democracy this is and applaud the respectful debate and the Australian people for having their say. But forever-after the win will be tainted by the bitter aftertaste that is left when one group of people is forced to beg for equality from another. We will not forget. I will not forget the harm done to my family and friends. I will not forget the graffiti telling people to say to to Pedo’s scrawled across trains and city walls. I will not forget being told my relationships are just friendships with mates. I will not forget being told our children are sick and disordered.
This fight is far from won and I will not forgive.


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