Whitsunday’s Arion adventure. Shute Harbour


Throughout my time here onboard Arion we have been using Shute Harbour as our base. Dropping in every 4 days or so to collect supplies and get ready for our next trip. I also need to prepare the blog because our next journey to Fraser Island will likely see me out of contact for possibly two weeks

Touring around the Whitsunday’s has been really good fun except for the horrendous bug bites which I am only now just starting to get over. I thought seasickness would be the real problem but in fact it has been nothing compared to the constant itching from sand fly bites.

Insects aside, being anchored around the islands has been really peaceful. We are amongst the elements on the boat, always under either the stars or the sun. Sitting on the pulpit and the bowsprit, as Arion crashed through the waves will be something I never forget. The cabin is open to the air and at all times we have been exposed to nature in one fashion or another.

My heart however yearns for a real journey and while Fraser Island is short by comparison to many passages, setting out with a destination in mind has a deep attraction for me.


Shute harbour has in the meantime become almost like home. At any one time there are 20-30 other yachts present and it feels like a little village on the water, I keep waiting for Kevin Costner to spring up on deck.

Shute will always have a special place in my heart, it is the first place that I have seen turtles and dolphins playing in the wild and where I got over my fear of peeing over the edge of the deck.

I have to admit that I do over indulge quite a bit when it comes to using the internet and my phone in Shute. I have slipped back in to a few bad habits. When we are out of range it’s easy to put the phone away but I’m still a city boy at heart and Twitter, Facebook and the blog do have a very strong call. Rationing these things however has really made me see just how much time I waste on them.

I’m hoping you love this tour of the Whitsunday Islands as much as I am.

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  • October 1, 2013 at 2:21 am

    Thanks for sharing your travels with us Shannon. I enjoy reading about your adventure.


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