Whitsundays Arion Adventure. Nara Inlet

naraapproachsunset_lrIn the footsteps of the Ngaro.

It’s hard to describe the natural beauty of this part of Australia. Not only is it teeming with life but the beauty of the landscape is just breathtaking. The experience is made even more visceral traveling on the Arion. Not only am I seeing the incredible landscape, it is also my living room.

Imagine plonking your couch in the middle of the tropical ocean surrounded by the sunshine and the warm air, imagine climbing out of bed straight on to the beach of your dreams, showering in the biggest bathroom in the world or reading a book as the fish and turtles play around your feet. Then you will have some idea of just how immersive the experience of living on Arion is.

narasunrise_lrThousands of years ago the Ngaro people lived and played around these very islands. At the end of the inlet you can take a short walk up to a cave where you can still see native Aboriginal cave paintings. It’s inspiring to be standing in the same place where humans have been living, loving and creating art for thousands of years.

We arrived at Nara inlet just as the sun was setting, for a moment the moon and the sun were sitting just above the horizon to starboard and port as though the were watching us as we sailed in.

naramoonrisestbrd_lrNara inlet is one of my favorite anchorages so far and we were lucky enough to be able to spend the night there. Standing on the deck in the crisp morning air as the waves lap gently against the hull and the sun rises over the hill tops, it is hard to image returning to city life. There were so many things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to live without but the reality has been very different.

The inlet itself is a long and fairly deep anchorage and although it was a little bit rolly while we were there I was glad that I handled the seasickness quite well. It’s funny because I am sitting in a room on land writing this now and I still feel the room moving around me.

narasunsetport_lr narasunrise02_lr




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  • September 25, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    Beautiful! Love it. What a grand trip.
    Peace <3


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