Whitsundays Arion Adventure. Learning to live in the now.


Living on the Arion for the last 3 weeks has taught me to really appreciate the now. For a good deal of my depression I was always looking back thinking to myself, I wish I could go back to that day that was a really good day. Constantly looking back to times that I thought were happier only added to my feelings of failure and isolation.

When life slows down and you begin to really focus only on the simple things and what you need to survive, living in the moment takes on a new dimension. There is so much natural beauty here that it’s hard not to stop and simply appreciate your surroundings.


It’s always been easy to throw around the old saying “the glass is half full” but its really only part of a much greater struggle to stay in a positive frame of mind. Coming from city life where I thought I was living a simple life already, to the Arion where the bare bones of what I need to be happy has been revealed has been an enlightening experience.

Now when I feel sad or my mood turns dark I say to myself, look at what I have now. I have the sea, and the sun, and the turtles, and the fish, and the islands and it all makes me happy. Instead of sitting under my desk and thinking about all the things I have lost I am sitting on the deck thinking about how wonderful life is.

The future will come no matter how much I think about it so I may as well enjoy how rich my life is now and the future will attend to itself.

2 thoughts on “Whitsundays Arion Adventure. Learning to live in the now.

  • October 17, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    I’m so glad to hear that your depression is being helped by this wonderful experience. I hope that when you look back to it in the future it won’t be to think: how happy I was then, but instead: remember how little it takes to be happy, recapture that feeling.

  • October 18, 2013 at 12:54 am

    It’s not good to dwell in the past. It’s better to be present in the present.


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