5 thoughts on “What’s my background?”

  1. As someone who got to know you a little when you were in the UK I am proud that I did meet youand let me tell you and anyone who reads this you are someone special and who I would love to have spent more time with and my door is always open to you.

  2. Shannon that was a well presented video of you and I applaud you for your stance on racism. I see & hear this a lot especially on Grindr and such like apps. Even going out and listening to people talk but they have no idea they are being racist (can’t educate everyone). For what its worth hun your the perfect specimen of the human being. Much love and Peace babe ???

  3. You seem like a great person Shannon! I’m glad you don’t accept the B.S. that some people say about race.

  4. Right on Shannon! As a 3rd generation Chinese U.S. citizen, I am accustomed to being asked “where I’m from?” When I say the the U.S., they’ll keep asking until I say “my ancestors came here in the 1870’s, where are you from?”. Same thing happens in Europe all the time.

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