Vintage Rufskin Denim.

I’m reluctant to call these vintage but these Denim Rufskin briefs definitely aren’t current. I have featured these in the members section before but everybody loves a classic and these are definitely one of my all time favourite pairs. The old denim Rufskin underwear line is hard to find these days and they are prized possessions for any underwear enthusiast.

I managed to trade these for a Bike Jockstrap which is also highly sought after nowadays. The material is a cotton spandex blend which stretches and hugs your figure. The material is quite heavy but soft and surprisingly comfortable. I LOVE the side straps and the buckles. The style is quite old now but the underwear are still in excellent condition, the elastic is still strong and there are no frayed stitches which is a testament to the high quality of the construction.

I’m still hunting for a Rufskin Denim Jockstrap, that’s my holy grail right now. If you’ve got one let’s talk!


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