One thought on “Video blog. Group sex, how many is too many?

  • February 2, 2018 at 2:41 pm

    Having a good mix is important too. I once went to a group party and it ended up being a threesome but we were all tops to say it didn’t go as well is an understatement however it did go down well hee hee. the other thing to consider is what you expect to get out of it and are you willing to share yourself with one person or a couple of people. The more you get involved the better it is going to be. % would be the maximum or you might as well call it an orgy. Respecting the rule of safe sex is important too as you don’t want to be the one that wants to play raw while the others are all safe (safe is better). Provide facilities to shower if your hosting the group fun and something to do whilst theres no action taking place.
    A great topic babe and I could discuss it for ages but thats my two bobs worth thanks babe for the chance to express ourselves to your blog. Much love and Peace to you XXX


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