Underwear review PUMP it up!


A while ago… and I do mean a while the Generous guys over at UNDIEGUYS sent me a new PUMP jockstrap. I’ve been sitting on it for a some time waiting to the right time to whip it out for you. That time has arrived. PUMP are quickly overtaking Andrew Christian as my favorite brand of jockstrap with their bold colours and designs and their generous fits.

My new PUMP Neon fuel jock is hot hehe and I’m really impressed with the colour. If there was ever a good reason to wear bright green it’s because it’s on a Pump jock. The cut of the Jock is very similar to the Red PUMP jock I reviewed some time ago and why not. If the design works then there is no need to change it. The material is slightly different on this design, PUMP have opted for a light weight Nylon, cotton spandex blend. It stretches and breaths and because it’s not lined hugs and clings to your package in a way that can only be described as mouth watering.

It’s a super comfy blend of quality materials and sexy colour. Definitely worth adding to your wardrobe.


Don’t forget blog members get 10% off gear at www.undieguys.com.au so make sure you get the discount code from the Members noticeboard.

Members click here for an even tastier look.





One thought on “Underwear review PUMP it up!

  • August 12, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    You look very mouth watering right now Shannon.


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