Tropout Zip lining at Hanuman World Phuket.

One of the fun activities on Tropout Phukets program was the zip lining at Hanumah World.

If you’re keen to feel the thrill of speeding through the jungle tree tops then I highly recommend this, just don’t do it with $5000 worth of camera attached to your neck LOL.

The Park itself is pretty amazing with 18 Zip lines in increasing length and scariness. You’ll start by getting strapped in to your harness and safety gear by some rather fetching Thai men and then after a brief safety briefing you’ll be marched up to the top of the hill ready for your descent.

Don’t be fooled by the easy first jump they get higher and faster as you progress through the course. The local guides are a lot of fun and do everything they can to make sure that you have as much fun as possible while keeping you safe. Sometimes when you travel to these places the safety practices aren’t as stringent as the nanny states we often call home. Not so here, safety safety safety is the word.

They were hugely accommodating of me and my camera. The Canon Mk III is no small piece of kit and although it was secured around my neck I was still nervous about taking it along. I hadn’t actually planned to zip line with the camera but there is no other way to do it as the course is a closed circuit.ย Fortunately they were very helpful and made sure that I got to move up and down the order so that I got the chance to shoot everybody. You don’t need to take a camera with you though because you’ll have a local guide taking pictures as well which you can purchase at the end.

The longest of the lines are 200 and 300 meters. It looks like a long way and when you are 100ft from the ground it gets pretty hairy. The hardest part is jumping off the edge and resisting the urge to grab the cable over your head which will result in you losing your fingers. It’s definitely an adult playground and not for those of you who are afraid of heights, but if you like a bit of adventure and pushing your limits I’d definitely give it a go and if you’re feeling really brave you can even try the “superman” where you fly down the line head first on your front towards a very large tree hoping that the mattress at the end will stop you before your face does LOL.

Kudos to the Tropout guys for picking such a fun activity.

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