Tram Man

Before all this lockdown nonsense I finally got to meet a Queer Melbourne Icon at the Daylesford chill out festival. This man used to be a Conductor on Melbournes light rail network. Melbourne is well know for its trams around Australia and for it’s excellent public transport compared to other cities in Australia.

He’s an old gay tram Conductor who used to work on the Melbourne trams. He loves the old tradition and wants to keep the spirit of the tram conductors alive. So he goes to Queer events wearing his old uniform and holds out a big red button and makes ppl push it. He then announces very loudly how gay people are, gives people a ticket that was used on the trams in 1968 when he retired, and usually a penny change as well.

One thought on “Tram Man

  • April 20, 2020 at 10:17 am

    He was at Pride March and I received a ticket from him.


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