LOCKED BOY DIARY – Tips for cleanliness while you are locked.

If you’re going to use a chastity cage then cleanliness and hygiene are super important. If you’re also uncut then you need to be doubly diligent because most cages are designed in such a way that prevents you from pulling back the foreskin to clean underneath.

There isn’t much you need to do any differently to your usual shower routine but there are some things that I have found will help if you are going to be caged long-term.

Anti Dandruff shampoos usually have a mild antifungal in their ingredients. If you wash your hair use some of the foam on your cage and dick. It will help with itching and help keep the skin healthy. Don’t apply it directly unless you’re absolutely sure it’s mild enough to work down there.

A small squirt bottle with a nozzle is perfect for cleaning inside the front of the cage. Gently use it to squirt warm water into the tube to clean under the plastic. Don’t use soap because if it stays under the cage it could irritate your skin over time. You can also use the squirt bottle to gently rinse under the foreskin.

Mild moisturizer and antiseptic creams work well on chaffing and other tender areas and prevent soreness, use your common sense when applying creams.

As hot as permanent chastity sounds you’re going to have to remove the cage to wash. I do this at least every third day to check that everything is healthy for no longer than the time it takes to shower and not more than an hour. This is when you’re going to need to use discipline and restraint but it’s important because getting an injury or an infection is going to really ruin your streak more than a brief wash will.

Lastly, a little baby oil or coconut oil applied regularly will help to stop chaffing and keep the skin from getting dry or cracked. Although not strictly for hygiene preventing scratches or cuts caused by the cage is important both for comfort and cleanliness.





3 thoughts on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – Tips for cleanliness while you are locked.”

  1. Great advise babe, cleanliness can’t be stressed enough in this case or any other situation. Stay clean and safe always XXX

  2. Do you find it easier to keep clean when your shaved vs not? Also I find I can get site between my balls and my dick from the cage. It’s a small one so I’m thinking maybe it’s too small?

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