Things that make me smile everyday and how I find them.

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Champion talk is easy. We are surrounded by people who say “chin up kiddo” without having any idea just how rotten we might feel sometimes. It’s hard when you’re in a rut to find things to smile about.

A mate of mine has a hashtag #365smiles, If you’re on Instagram go check it out, you should also have a look at his blog Aussielicious. It’s a really great idea and a great way to find something to appreciate everyday. For me keeping my mind and heart healthy and keeping depression at bay is a daily battle and little things like this are a great way to remind me to be grateful.

Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed with purpose is how I try to start each day. I’ve started going to gym before work now and this gives me a really great reason to start the day actively and purposefully. But before I climb out of my sheets and pick out a jockstrap for the day I like to remind myself of the other things I have to look forward to that day no matter how small or unimportant.

Things that make made me smile today are;

New underwear

Pancakes for breakfast


A warm bed

A nice weekend spent with good friends.

Thinking about something that makes me happy at the start of each day sets the tone for the rest of the morning and helps me get out of bed. The mind is like a muscle and the more you work it out and deliberately seek to remind yourself of things that make you smile the easier it becomes until your not even conscious that you’re doing it.
Of course smiling isn’t going to fix all our problems. The difference between useless champion talk and actual helpful advice is the acknowledgement that simply smiling doesn’t solve all the shit things in our life.

The act of finding things in our lives that contribute to our happiness is an important skill because it helps to know that at least for today there are real things to look forward to, and that’s a good enough reason to get out of bed for me.

2 thoughts on “Things that make me smile everyday and how I find them.

  • October 22, 2015 at 4:49 am

    Shannon, what a great idea and to be honest I never thought about that. I always looked at my day as being the same ole same, get out of bed, shit, shower shave etc, breakfast, do the washing, ironing, vacuuming, maybe go for a coffee and before you know it the day has gone and nothing accomplished. I now try and go for a run early morning then start my body cleaning process. I now think how I enjoy that time out for a coffee or walk around the shop rather than it being a mundane task thanks for sharing.

  • October 31, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    hmm pancakes, bacon and bananas. hmm now I am hungry on a sunday morning.


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