The weekend wrap up. Whales, Bottoms and Speedos.


Phew, there is no place like home but while it’s good to be back our weekend down the coast was definitely one to remember.

This weekend my Man and I headed down to Lorne for a weekend away with friends. The last time we were on the surf coast was in February and it was much, MUCH warmer. Luckily there was plenty of firewood and drink to keep us in good cheer.

On Saturday morning after dragging ourselves out of warm beds we decided to head down to the local pool for a swim. I didn’t really want to go out in the cold, especially to go for a swim in an outdoor pool, but after 2 nights of indulging in drink and food I was beginning to feel a little sluggish. I needed to clear my head. Luckily for me the pool was closed so four of us decided to take a short drive down the coast towards the Cumberland river. The scenery along the Great ocean road is quite beautiful and although the weather was cold and wet it made the landscape appear even more dramatic. After being indoors for two days our little excursion was a welcome distraction.


The highlight of our little trip was on the drive back. In the water about three hundred meters off the coast was a Whale. I’ve never seen a Whale out in the ocean before so it was quite a treat. Seeing such a magnificent animal out in it’s natural habitat playing and feeding was a moving experience, and a reminder that we share this planet with some incredible creatures. It made me think of the time we spotted Dolphins playing in the waves at Tamarama in Sydney. It reminded me that humans are not the only creatures to feel joy in this Universe. Standing there with my friends watching the Whale it was obvious that it was a meaningful experience for all of us. I think sometimes that as Humans we see ourselves apart from the world, we have spent so much of our time controlling our environments that now a naked man standing in the bush looks less natural to us than a clothed man. Perhaps if more of us had experiences like this we might feel a little more empathy for our fellow creatures.


P1010182_LRBack in Lorne we decided to make a quick stop by the BOTTOM bar, unfortunately they were fresh out of bottoms so we had to be content with a quick photo out the front, then it was off to the beach for a quick dip. The water straight up from the antarctic was freezing, and despite the sunshine it was only about eight degrees. I’m not sure why we were so determined to get wet. I guess after being cooped up in the house it was nice to get out in some fresh air and do something a little crazy.

Being in a house with 12 gay boys and 3 bedrooms for 3 days in winter was an interesting experience. If you want to know how we all ended up naked together you will have to check back tomorrows post… THE WEEKEND WRAP UP PART 2. Naked pushups, Trampolining and Jockstraps.





2 thoughts on “The weekend wrap up. Whales, Bottoms and Speedos.

  • August 6, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    12 gay boys and a gallon of lube…….

  • August 6, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    12 gay boys and 3 bedrooms? This sounds like a porno setting.
    Part 2 should be interesting.


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