The problem with the way we think about being “fit”.

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The way our culture thinks about being fit and going to the gym is more to do with vanity and looking good than it is to do with our health. When people send me messages they say, “you look so hot, what’s your gym routine?,” not “oh you look so healthy.” The whole aesthetics culture is part of the reason why people look at going to the gym and say to themselves “I could never do that.”

The problem with associating fitness with looking good is that we now have a mainstream and Gay media that does not promote body types that are aspirational or inspirational to the majority of the community. Instead we get pumped up fantasy guys whose physiques don’t feel within reach of the average person. The result of this disconnection is that many men will suffer from depression and anxiety over the way that they look for most of their lives. In a way they are unable to make good life choices about their health because they already believe they will fail.

Within the wider community I have noticed that whenever I talk to people about working out the conversation always becomes about looks. This needs to change. The dialogue we have around fitness and exercise needs to go from being about getting hot to being about getting healthy. We need fewer “make me hot” competitions and more “help me get healthy” articles.

Looking good and feeling good are the side effects of being healthy, not the other way around. When we focus the discussion on being healthy we may take away a lot of the pressure that prevents guys from being active and exercising.

When I workout it’s about looking good but it’s also about feeling healthy and when I feel healthy people notice. Over the past few weeks people have been telling me how good I look. I have only been pushing myself for a month and the change to my body will not be that great, so what is different?

The difference is that I feel healthy and I feel good about myself. Healthy mind = healthy body. That translates to more energy, better sleeps, better diet, brighter eyes and bigger smiles. The positive benefits of me focussing on my health are that I look good.

I was sitting at lunch today with a friend and he said a mate of his comments that all these fit guys mustn’t work. The comment annoyed me a little especially because I know the man making it is overweight and probably in the worst health of his life. He says he doesn’t have time to go to the gym because he is working and making money. I’ll admit he makes A FUCK TONNE of money.

The reason his comment annoyed me is that I firmly believe you’ll never have time for something if you don’t make time. I’m not talking about hitting the gym five times a week, twice a day. Not everybody has the desire to do that but I am talking about going for a walk once a day, drinking a bottle of water and taking time for your fitness and health.

When I was in the UK I had to give up the gym. I simply didn’t have the time and I was exhausted. But it was a choice I made, I still chose to eat as well as I could and I still chose to look after my health. Now that I have more time on my hands I have chosen to use that time to focus on my fitness again. If you don’t choose to make a change and choose to put in the effort then of course you will never have time.

When this guy’s liver is failing, his lungs are rotten or his heart is diseased how much money would another ten years with his kids be worth?

Would he rather make 200k a year or 190k a year if it meant that he had an extra 5 years in retirement to spend with his Grandkids?

Just because you don’t have abs or pecs of death is no reason to simply not do anything at all. Do it because you want to be able to play with your kids, nieces and nephews. Do it because you want to be able to lead an active life in retirement, do it because avoiding heart disease will be worth much more too you than pecs and abs, and you can’t go wrong.

When you’re 70 years old and hoola hooping with the kids you won’t care that you didn’t look like fucking Davey Wavey LOL.

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2 thoughts on “The problem with the way we think about being “fit”.

  • February 5, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    When you are 72 and you eat well, good diet, drink in moderation get a good nights sleep and keep mentally fit and dont run twenty miles but walk comfortably two to three two or three times a week and stii do what you did at twentyfour but may be not three times a night, life is good and rest assurethat will rub off to others who will enjoy your company. So stop worring that you dont have a fourtytow chest and a thirty waiste and yea its shrunk a bit to get out and live.

  • February 6, 2015 at 9:22 am

    Shannon, a very good point you have made yet again. When I was in my mid teens and in the Military they wanted to discharge me because I was underweight for my height (BMI) they put me on special diets to eat more red meat and a whole lot of other crap. On thing I could never do was to do a chin up, I simply could not lift my own body weight of 68kg (back then) they sent me to the PTI (physical Training Instructor) for additional weight training to build up my muscle and tone. This failed,Long story short, I was not discharged and I could pass all their Physical tests with ease I might add and could run the pants off most of the other guys (not literally).
    My genetics are not from a family of toned, muscled gents we were all skinny tall little runts. However since leaving the Military I did not want to gain any unwanted baggage so i kept up my own fitness routine and eating healthy to which I continue today and I am only 76kg. I would however like to tone up a little get rid of the ass thats starting to sag, build up my arms – not to look like a gym junkie but to feel better in myself and feel comfortable. Thanks for your fitness and health tips I look forward to the next addition. Peace babe xx


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