Thank you Erin Chew for standing up for Equality.

I’ve often seen my Asian heritage as a disadvantage when it comes to being LGBTIQ. I’ve been on the receiving end of racism both as a Gay man and as a Eurasian Australian. Watching this video for the first time made me think about my own family and what they might be thinking and feeling about marriage equality. To be honest I’ve never spoken to any of them about my sexuality. I’ve often felt it was a taboo subject, none of them have ever tried to speak to me about it and I’ve always felt like I didn’t want to make it my responsibility to educate them. I see that as a failing now and just as much to do with my own discomfort about speaking to them. I’ve always felt a little disconnected from this side of my family despite the best efforts of my parents to make sure that we all spent time together as family. It’s something that I should work on.

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