OKAY, this one is a long one. Back when lockdown started and (before I got a decent cam) Sir asked me to record one of my workouts for him. I’m not a trainer so I wouldn’t rely too much on what you see here but it will give you and idea of just how you can improvise a workout at home.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – Surviving the Gym.

If you’re lucky enough to be where lock down restrictions have been eased enough for you to start hitting the gym again you may be wondering how to keep comfortable in your cage during your workouts.

Chaffing is a super big problem at the gym for me. Leg days are especially tricky and on more than one occasion the pain from chaffing and pinching has become so bad that I have had to stop my workout. It’s also not good for your form if your having to make adjustments for you cage.

There are no guarantees that these tips will work for you but now that I’ve been locked for over three months I’ve been able to play around with a few solutions.

The most important thing is to stay warm. Cold sweats and tight balls are the worst possible thing when you’re caged. I recently discovered that using a pouch or a wrap around your cage and balls makes a huge difference to being comfortable. Wear it with your underwear. Obviously this is less of a problem in summer but even in summer in an air-conditioned gym you can get quite cold.

Secondly make sure the cage is properly fitted. The cock ring part of the cage shouldn’t be so tight that it pulls on the skin. Don’t be afraid to make an adjustment in the locker room.

Leg days are the worst. Loose fitting shorts and comfortable briefs will make your life much better. Tight undies squash and rub which will eventually cause pain. Tight undies and shorts will also make it harder to maintain form because the cage won’t be able to move freely without pinching and rubbing.

Lastly, take your key with you. Even if you have a key holder your safety should always come first. If the pain is too great or the cage is causing you an injury then remove it. The urge to stay caged may be strong but its better to remove it for an hour than cause an injury. If your key holder does not agree to this then get a new key holder, the subs safety must always come first. My Sir allows me to remove my cage for leg days subject to chastity checks prior to and after workouts.

A lot of guys have been asking me about comfort, chaffing and pinching. It’s important to remember that some discomfort is part of the point of wearing a cage. It’s not really chastity until you want to take it off. Its not meant to feel like a dream all of the time but there is a difference between discomfort and genuine pain and injury. Listen to what your body is telling you. Your headspace its also important. I often find the cage feels worst on days when I’m in a foul mood. Keeping in tune with your body and mind is very much a key element to remaining healthy in chastity.

Do any of you have your own tips? Leave a comment below and tell us.





Locked up and in lockdown, what could be more difficult for a boy that being unable to get it up and get it off? One of the good things about being locked up like this is that I get horny, and when I get horny the content flows. I’ve had heaps of requests to do more vids showing off in my speedos and other sports kit so there will be more like thing coming downtime pipeline very soon. Plus the all the hot assplayin, dildo riding, dick sucking vids you love too.




Over the past eight weeks I have been following a strict meal plan. My goal was to lose 2kg’s of body fat and to increase my strength and muscle tone for summer. When I got back from the UK in March I really wanted to take advantage of the chance to get some consistency in my fitness regime and diet, but it took me until only a few months ago to really step up my progress.

To achieve my goals I decided to see a trainer who could not only plan my workouts for me but who was also able to take care of my nutrition plan. I always thought that my knowledge was pretty sound, but I quickly found out that there was a lot of stuff that I was doing wrong in both my form and my diet. Having a professional to sit down with has made all the difference. It’s why when people ask me about my diet and my workouts, I always say speak to a trainer. It’s not a cop out, it’s genuine advice.

To achieve the change I had to go on to a calorie deficit to burn fat. My first body scan gave me a clear insight in to my body and the areas which needed work. At just over 15% body fat I wasn’t overweight but I didn’t have the tone or shape that I wanted. Having my macros done also ensured that I knew exactly how much protein, carbs and fat I needed to maintain my muscle mass whilst shredding body fat.

At first I was hungry all the time and my energy suffered. The diet was counter productive because my workouts were suffering. It’s important to listen to your body and I discussed this with my trainer who tweaked my calories slightly. After the change the balance was just right and I really started to move on my goals.

It was a challenge to stay on the diet, but as I began to see results after the second week it motivated me to keep going. Not only do I look healthier, I also feel much healthier. In eight weeks I’ve managed to almost eliminate chocolate and chips from my diet, I rarely drink alcohol and I’m much more aware of what I eat, and how much of it.

Staying on the diet also meant taking time off the diet. Life needs to be worth living and I allowed myself the odd treat or cheat meal. You have to indulge yourself otherwise you just end up binging. It’s why most diets don’t work. You just deny yourself and then give up. Never be afraid of food or of eating, just make sure you understand what you are putting in your body and most importantly how much. I always tell my friends to eat the damn cake, just don’t eat the whole cake. Love life, love food, be sensible.

My diet right now consists of lots of vegetables, nuts, mince chicken, brown rice, lean beef mince and tuna. Education and portion size is everything. I have learned how to prepare those foods healthily and tastily using much less oil and fatty sauces and more yummy herbs and chillies.

The main goal now is to try and gain a little size in my butt and shoulders. I’ve got another session with my trainer today to discuss the next stage.