A couple of weeks ago a mate and I decided to swap the pool for the river, and head out in to the bush in search of a proper Aussie swimming hole.

To get there we had to drive about an hour east of Melbourne. I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the exact location, but a little bush bashing and all wheel driving was required. I don’t own a car but I can drive and it was good fun being out on the dirt trails.

Because I don’t have a car I stick to the urban areas close to the city and public transport but it’s really nice to get away from the centre and in to the country. I guess from the pictures you could say this is a typical scene along the river here. Gum trees line the river and landscape is dry and sun kissed. It’s very different from the English countryside where I did most of my exploring last year.

By the time we found the river and a spot to leave our towels the temperature had hit close to forty degrees and I was keen to get in to the water. Clearly as this was an Aussie adventure I had to wear my mates Bonds undies for the swim. A few guys who were there tried to get a swing going but in the end they gave up and we all resigned ourselves to paddling in the water ad soaking up some sun. It was great way to spend an afternoon.