I decided to give @melbbigdaddick a horny surprise and wear my ass-less jeans for him. You’ll see from the video that they barely cover my thighs and the red jockstrap underneath just makes wearing them crazy horny. With a shirt wrapped around my waist I walked out to the car. I said “hi” to Daddy, threw my bag in the back and jumped in. He never noticed that I was sitting there, bare assed and horny in my cage.

I thought we were going to head straight to his place but he needed to stop at the super market first. The whole time we were shopping, walking past the straight boys and tradies on their way home my jock strapped ass was barely hidden under the shirt around my waist.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – Upgraded to stainless steel.

About a month ago I ordered a new stainless steel chastity cage to upgrade my Holy Trainer Maxi.

I love the HT, it has been my most comfortable cage so far but I’ve been wearing it everyday and the plastic sadly isn’t holding up. The ring is bent and the lock has worn down so that the whole thing pops apart on its own with a little bit of pressure. The loose joints also catch the skin and so it’s time to upgrade.

My new stainless steel cage is not just more secure but also looks and feels more permanent than the plastic. I love the design of the HT so finding something with the same fit and aesthetic was important to me. The cage I found is from Amazon. I was careful ordering it because sizing can be tricky at the best of times and the quality of these cages can be poor if you aren’t careful with your choice. It took me some searching to find the one I liked. Many of the metal cages I saw look like bird cages which I don’t like, I wanted something more anatomically correct and enclosed. I am uncut and getting the ole foreskin caught in a cage is as painful as getting it caught in your zipper.

When you open the package it’s important to make sure you wash it thoroughly and check for any mould lines or sharp edges before you put it on. This particular cage feels really solid, wearing it feels a lot more snug than the plastic cage which bends and flexes when I get hard(ish). I got really lucky with this the sizing of this one, I deliberately went for the largest size. Having worn the HT before gave me a really good sense of the sizing I would need. It fits great and is almost the perfect size for me. The weight of it feels good too, its not too heavy to wear without underwear and bounces quite nicely when going commando in basketball shorts although id probably wear a jockstrap for gym or sport to prevent chaffing. It’s slightly smaller than my HT Maxi so it’s slightly more discrete. It still pinches and chaffs occasionally but it’s definitely more comfortable and the metal stays nice and warm.

I know there are those of you who would like to see me free again but thats just not where my head is at the moment. Being locked makes me more creative, makes sex more enjoyable and just fits with my sexual identity as a sub. Having now spent 24 hours in it, I’m confident that I’ll be able the reach day 200 and beyond.




LOCKED BOY DIARY – God damn I miss sex!

I really REALLY miss sex, sex with other people to be specific, and locked away in my Holy Trainer and plugged with my Lovense Hush, sex with myself means long distance wifi enabled sex with my Twitter fans.

So yeah by this stage of being locked I had expected to be living it up as a locked bottom boy but 2020 so far seems to have found the ultimate cock blocker in the form of the Rona.

I know that there are a bunch of you on Twitter, OnlyFans and in the Members section who are spoiling to see me get gagged, pounded, railed, and spit roasted, but I’ve decided that while we are under lockdown it’s going to be solos only. I’m not doing it because I think that I’m likely to get the Rona, I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do right now. If keeping each other safe and the community safe means I can’t get laid for a little while then that’s okay with me.

I really fucking miss fucking but it’s not like I’m being asked to go to war or put on a mask and work in a hospital. I can help by just doing the right thing, because I know that I could make people around me get sick and not even realise it. I could leave the virus on a door knob, or supermarket touch screen, or I could use the ATM and leave it there, or on the door of my Uber. Somebody could then pick it up and give it to their Mum or their dad or their kids.

So until then I’ll have to try and find some more creative ways to entertain you. It’s been fun messing around with my hush plug and giving my toys a good workout. The door frame was an excellent suggestion, maybe I should try a few other things around the apartment LOL. I don’t wanna gross out my housemate though, hygiene is important LOL.

For now please be patient, there are lot of offers in the wings for when lockdown ends.

God damn I miss sex, but not enough to risk it.

Be safe everyone, be kind to yourselves and to each other.







A friend pointed out to me the other day that Grindr has a SOBER option now in its tribes. You can now tell other Grindr lads that you are sober or looking for sober connections on your profile.

Sober can mean a lot of things to different people but generally, it increasingly means no CHEMS, DRUGS, WIRED, etc.

Chemsex is a huge problem in the Gay scene and for a long time, I struggled with an addiction to chemsex. This ground has been covered by quite a few bloggers I follow and it’s time that I open up about my own experiences in the party scene.

Mancage Vs CB3000 Vs Holy Trainer. Which Chastity cage is the best?

The Holy Trainer Maxi is a great choice if you are on the slightly thicker side. It’s the only one I could find for those of us with a little more girth.


Here you can see the Holy Trainer Sizes and the recess underneath the tube that I describe in the video. Don’t be modest when choosing what size you will need, choose the one you think will be a perfect match.