Another progress update

Six months of progress


My next full body scan is tonight so it’s time for another update on how my progress is going. I’ve been a little slack over the last month as the party season hit high gear, and I also had a back injury in January because I was over training. I’ve been able to be consistent with my workouts lately and I’ve been sticking to my diet although not as strictly as when I started. Mardi Gras is a big motivator around this time of the year but as I’m not entirely sure if i’ll be going the is year it hasn’t be foremost in my mind. Mostly my immediate goal has been to regain the strength and conditioning I lost while I was injured and sick for nearly three weeks.

Aesthetically I’m pleased with my progress, I’m the most happy with my body at the moment than I have been in a very long time. Physically I feel strong and healthy. After five years of inconsistency and neglect I’m definitely feeling more confident than in the past and the sense of achievement I’m getting is doing a great deal of good for my mental health. Replacing chemical highs with natural highs hasn’t been easy but I’ve now found something (self care) that is more important to me now than partying and fucking.

Getting the right advice has been the key. My trainer Skye has been outstanding and it’s easy to see why he’s constantly booked out. The changes to my diet have been the key. I was eating good food but in all the wrong quantities. I still love a bag or two of Twisties and as Easter approaches chocolate strawberry marshmallow easter bunnies are going to hard to resist but if you don’t enjoy your food when you can then what’s the point.