Why the camera adds 10 pounds. A picture does not always tell the truth.



Continuing on from my other articles talking about body image and the aesthetics culture I discovered this article on Petapixel which talks about how focal length and your distance from the subject can effect how the subject looks. As a photographer I’m aware of this but I think it’s useful to talk about in the context of body issues here on the blog.

This isn’t going to be a photography lesson. You can read the original article if you want the technical stuff. The point I want to make is that all those pictures you see of hot guys in mags and online have been taken and manipulated by people who need to sell you the perfect body image so that you will buy shit or buy shit from their advertisers. It’s also why you can take photos on your phone or point and shoot camera and wonder why you look so skinnier, bigger or why you look so different.

Generally if your shooting selfies on your phone standing closer to the mirror will make you look skinnier than if you are standing further away. It’s why your face changes shape depending on where you hold the camera, it’s more to do with the camera than how you actually look. If I’m using a point and shoot I try to stick to 50mm or 35mm at a pinch. It’s always better to step away from your subject than to go wider with your frame.

Above all, always remember before you beat yourself up for not looking like a male model that chances are they don’t look exactly like their picture either.

Happy snapping.