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The nude beach.

On Saturday I went down to Sunnyside nude beach with a few friends.

I’m not normally fan of nude beaches, mainly because of baggage I picked up in my communal high school showers, but also because I have a real fetish for speedos and underwear. I just don’t find a guy completely naked as exciting as someone wearing a sexy pair of swimmers, underwear or sports kit. It’s the fantasy that attracts me and when it’s all just hanging out there there’s nothing to reveal.

Many nudists I know will say that it’s not about the sex. Nudism is about getting back to nature and enjoying the sense of freedom that being naked brings, but the few Gay nude beaches I have been to have all had a hyper sexual tension about them. It’s because we are sexual creatures not because of the nudity but the nudity certainly seems to give some guys permission to treat the beach like a beat. I’ve seen fucking in bushes, guys walking down the beach with hardon’s and even one guy with a 10 inch dildo shoved down the front of his bike pants. I don’t have a problem with cruising, I’ve had my fair share of outdoor encounters but let’s not be coy about it, Gay nude beaches are about sex and you’ll have to work hard to convince me otherwise.

So how did I end up at the nude beach in the first place? Well I actually didn’t realise we were going to a nude beach until we were in the car headed down. I thought we were headed to a nice coastal beach with rolling surf and white sand, instead I ended up hiking my way over a rock beach trying to stare at the ground and not make eye contact with any of the other beach goers.

I guess I just don’t feel very comfortable naked and that discomfort made the day a bit tense for me. The sexual energy in the air was obvious and a little bit too much for me. I’m no stranger to sexualising Gay events, places and culture, I’m probably one of the worst offenders, and I’ve had to think carefully about the fact that I could just be projecting my discomfort on to a bunch of guys who were just enjoying themselves in the sun and I wouldn’t want them to stop on my behalf.

What do you think? Have you had similar experiences at gay beaches?

Leave a comment below.