Occasionally Sir allows me to cum. It’s an intense experience in a cage and incredibly rewarding. Cumming in the cage maintains my horniness but feels incredible too.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – Surviving the Gym.

If you’re lucky enough to be where lock down restrictions have been eased enough for you to start hitting the gym again you may be wondering how to keep comfortable in your cage during your workouts.

Chaffing is a super big problem at the gym for me. Leg days are especially tricky and on more than one occasion the pain from chaffing and pinching has become so bad that I have had to stop my workout. It’s also not good for your form if your having to make adjustments for you cage.

There are no guarantees that these tips will work for you but now that I’ve been locked for over three months I’ve been able to play around with a few solutions.

The most important thing is to stay warm. Cold sweats and tight balls are the worst possible thing when you’re caged. I recently discovered that using a pouch or a wrap around your cage and balls makes a huge difference to being comfortable. Wear it with your underwear. Obviously this is less of a problem in summer but even in summer in an air-conditioned gym you can get quite cold.

Secondly make sure the cage is properly fitted. The cock ring part of the cage shouldn’t be so tight that it pulls on the skin. Don’t be afraid to make an adjustment in the locker room.

Leg days are the worst. Loose fitting shorts and comfortable briefs will make your life much better. Tight undies squash and rub which will eventually cause pain. Tight undies and shorts will also make it harder to maintain form because the cage won’t be able to move freely without pinching and rubbing.

Lastly, take your key with you. Even if you have a key holder your safety should always come first. If the pain is too great or the cage is causing you an injury then remove it. The urge to stay caged may be strong but its better to remove it for an hour than cause an injury. If your key holder does not agree to this then get a new key holder, the subs safety must always come first. My Sir allows me to remove my cage for leg days subject to chastity checks prior to and after workouts.

A lot of guys have been asking me about comfort, chaffing and pinching. It’s important to remember that some discomfort is part of the point of wearing a cage. It’s not really chastity until you want to take it off. Its not meant to feel like a dream all of the time but there is a difference between discomfort and genuine pain and injury. Listen to what your body is telling you. Your headspace its also important. I often find the cage feels worst on days when I’m in a foul mood. Keeping in tune with your body and mind is very much a key element to remaining healthy in chastity.

Do any of you have your own tips? Leave a comment below and tell us.




LOCKED BOY DIARY – 35 days in the Holy Trainer.

Until now the longest I’ve been locked up in my Holy Trainer has been 30 days. I’ve now beaten that record and I plan to keep going as long as I can. Since many people on my socials have been asking me questions about the experience I thought I’d give you a timeline of what the last month has been like.

Long term chastity is something that I have thought about quite a bit, but this is the first time that I’ve been in the headspace to keep going. A month seems to be about what my body can comfortably take so I’m being super careful as I push the limits further.

I have written about my reasons for wearing a Holy Trainer in previous posts, what I want to share today is what’s changed physically and mentally after a month locked up.

Week 1.

After a long break week one was a bit off a challenge. I had to make changes to my routine. My sleep and gym patterns were effected the most. My sleep was a little broken while I got used to wearing the cage again and waking up in the morning with a full bladder became tricky because trying to pee in the cage with a semi is difficult.

Gym workouts became slightly more uncomfortable as I readjusted to the chaffing. My clothes generally get looser and I have to make changes mostly to my leg workouts. I just have to accept that there are going to be challenges like pinching, chaffing and itching and deal with them immediately when they come up with quick trips to the bathroom to make adjustments.

Being back in the cage is horny too. Being semi most of the day isn’t easy and the temptation to give in during the first week is always high and my bulge looks menacing everywhere I go lol.

Week 2.

I always find week two to be the most difficult and the horniest. I’m used to jerking off at least once or twice a day so not being able to do it for two weeks generally has me climbing the walls. It’s also when things get really uncomfortable because by now any chaffing and rubbing is starting to wear out my patience even though it’s fading away. It’s not really chastity until you want to take the cage off so I keep going. They say it takes two weeks to form a habit and getting through the second week is difficult but worth it.

In week two I also notice a very obvious increase in my energy and productivity as I channel all the energy I was wasting on Pornhub and Twitter in to the Gym, work and other jobs that I need to get done.

Week 3.

In week three everything begins to settle down and I am glad that I stuck it out. My body and mind adjust to the new routine. Mornings are challenging as always. I wake up straining in the cage, I have to wait for everything to settle down and then pee, shower and get on with the day. By now I’m wearing loose undies when I workout and sleep naked because its more comfortable.

Week three is a great time to get things done, all the energy I was wasting on wanking and porn is now fully redirected in to my workouts and work. I’m in a total sub headspace and my interactions with Sir drive me to go even further. I get shit done and then move on to the next project. I’m horny but that energy keeps me moving. The chaffing has almost gone and I’m loving my new found discipline.

Week 4.

All the good stuff from week three carries through until around Thursday when I get horny as hell again. I start to loose focus and can’t control myself as I reach the  “too much of a good thing” stage. Week four is the danger week when the temptation to be free is strongest. I’m humping furniture, doing dildo posts on Twitter and my content gets really dirty. It’s usually the posts from week four that get deleted in week five.

It’s also the week when I have to be really careful and make sure that I’m paying close attention to hygiene and making sure things don’t get out of hand down there. My dick has been locked up for almost a month at this stage and its super important to make sure everything is healthy. I start taking the cage of every 2 – 3 days at this point to make sure things are okay.

It’s also during week four that I begin to be able to cum hands free. I experienced my first ever anal orgasm at this stage and it’s well worth the weeks of abstinence leading up to it.

Week 5.

Unknown territory… I’m well and truly on my way to being locked longterm now but the desire to be free and fuck ass is strong. It’s usually around the start of week five that my headspace begins to flip and my dom streak starts to come out. Twink ass starts to look real good to me at this point. Where I go now I don’t really know but I’m looking forward to finding out.

What have I noticed physically over the last 5 weeks?

Physically there haven’t been many changes, chaffing is still an issue but I’ve got a good routine now and found a couple of good products that really work for me. Some guys talk about shrinking but that’s not been the case for me and I’m not in to using progressively smaller cages to shrink myself. Some other users of chastity cages have also told me that after a while they stopped getting hard. That hasn’t been the case for me at all, if anything I get hard more often, although it seems to go in a two week cycle at the moment. I’m also uncut so hygiene is especially important to me, other than some light sensitivity I haven’t noticed any increased discomfort or skin complaints.

All up i’d say my experience so far has been really fun and I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted out of it. I’m looking forward to trying for two months now.



LOCKED BOY DIARY – Should you trim, shave or go natural?

Keeping yourself well maintained while you wear a chastity cage is important if you want to avoid, itching, chaffing, oozing and generally poor hygiene. Whether or not you should trim, shave or let it go natural is a good question.

Personally I have never been a fan of the full shave, I find it a bit icky and odd looking especially on a Top. Unless I’m prepping for a session as a sub boy I never go for a full shave unless the Dom requires it. I’m not a fan of an unkept bush either, if I’m going down on you I don’t want to be picking your pubes off my tongue.

Wearing a cage does make things slightly more complicated. Whether you like the look of being shaved or trimmed, comfort is super important. Personally I prefer to trim with clippers, my Manscapped Lawnmower is perfect for this. It looks tidy and prevents hairs from getting caught up in the cage and pinching or pulling, but it doesn’t run the risk of ingrown hairs like shaving does. Shaving also itches like hell when it starts to grow back which can be really uncomfortable, especially around the cages ring and the edges of the tube where they rub against the skin. I also find that chaffing is more likely to occur around the parts of the cage that rub when I am fully shaved and this can irritate the hair follicles and cause redness.

After doing your maintenance in the shower do a quick inspection to make sure that everything is okay and then gently rub your fingers against the grain of the hairs to help release any follicles and make sure they don’t go ingrown.

If I do shave I am very careful to moisturise after I finish and let the skin breath and dry before putting the cage back on. It’s important because damp or greasy skin can go cold and clammy and become uncomfortable or even painful.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips to share about how to take care of yourself while caged. What works for you? What do you think people should avoid?

For more info on trimming and taking care of your balls check out this previous post








LOCKED BOY DIARY – Its about being dominated rather than submission.

One of the big kinks that goes with male chastity is shrinking or using consecutively smaller and smaller cages to shrink the penis which is often referred to as a clit or nub. I think that for some into male chastity it also comes with a sense of feminisation.

Everybody’s kink is personal. I don’t really understand it myself and I say without judgement that it’s not for me or why I enjoy chastity cages myself.

Caging for me is firmly about the feeling of being dominated by an Alpha or a Master. It’s another tool that I use to help put me in to my sub headspace. Waking up in the morning horny as hell and not being able to do anything about it except grind against my pillow makes me feel at the mercy of my Dom or key holder. The sense of being owned is a huge turn on for me. Feeling the weight of the cage, the size of my bulge, my balls heavy, and being held in an almost constant state of arousal is a reminder for me of my place as a boy and my role to serve, it’s a locked dick not a “clit”.

The Psychology of my sub headspace is complex. And goes deeper that what I can fully explore in a single post as it is constantly changing and evolving depending on who my Dom is at the time. What I do know for sure is that I have always been a sub even when first started to explore my sexuality I knew that I wanted to be dominated in this way.

Do you use chastity cages yourself? Why does it work for you?

Leave a comment and share your story.

LOCKED BOY DIARY – Take care of your balls.

Chaffing is a real problem if you’re locked up,

I’ve searched for ages for something that helps with the chaffing from being in long term chastity. For me the problem area is always underneath my dick. When I first started being caged I would get super sore and red under there as the skin pulled and stretched against the ring of the cage. As I wore the cage more the skin became used to it but I did go through a whole bunch of products to try and alleviate the discomfort.


Lube works for a time but I found that you need to reapply it often and you can end up with a sticky crotch which is a little uncomfortable. I also found some water based lubes make it worse because as they dry out they become glue by themselves. Silicon based lubes were the best but if you’re wearing undies then they end up staining.


I tried this once and it just ended up everywhere and wasn’t good for long term used. It relieved the skin but I felt a bit like I had a crotch full of goop.

Paw Paw ointment

The Aussies will know this one well. In London this stuff was like gold, everyone wanted it. It’s a little like vaseline but much better. Its great on skin complaints and as a lip balm but its hard to get outside of Australia. It relives the pain and calms the skin but needs to be reapplied often. It’s definitely one of the better options.


I even tried powder and while it smells great I found it pretty much useless. If my crotch got sweaty the talc just turned in to chalk LOL.

Moisturiser and Baby oil

Moisturiser and baby oil might seem like a good idea but if your balls sweat it feels like your in ball soup or the opposite will happen and they go cold and clammy which is even more uncomfortable. Also Johnson and Johnson, and Nivea should be avoided wherever possible for being Cunts in my opinion.

Ball toner and Deodorant

Okay so this may sound a bit like an endorsement but I swear I discovered these by accident. Manscaped sent me a new clipper to try and they included these with the package. I never knew there even was such a thing as ball deodorant LOL. They actually work really nicely with the cage. You only need a little to relieve the skin and the anti chaffing in the deodorant is really effective. Just put a little in your palm and apply it all over your balls. Both together have made a big difference.

On the subject of in-grown hairs;

If you’re shaving around the cage like I do there are a few things that have helped me avoid in-grown hairs.

Firstly I shave in the shower slowly. Slowly is the key, pay attention, use a fresh razor and don’t hack at them.

Second, after shaving, under the running water use your finger to gently rub against the grain. This will help release any hairs that are stuck against the skin.

Thirdly, after drying apply a moisturiser to soften and soothe the skin.

and lastly drink more water.