Occasionally Sir allows me to cum. It’s an intense experience in a cage and incredibly rewarding. Cumming in the cage maintains my horniness but feels incredible too.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – Should you trim, shave or go natural?

Keeping yourself well maintained while you wear a chastity cage is important if you want to avoid, itching, chaffing, oozing and generally poor hygiene. Whether or not you should trim, shave or let it go natural is a good question.

Personally I have never been a fan of the full shave, I find it a bit icky and odd looking especially on a Top. Unless I’m prepping for a session as a sub boy I never go for a full shave unless the Dom requires it. I’m not a fan of an unkept bush either, if I’m going down on you I don’t want to be picking your pubes off my tongue.

Wearing a cage does make things slightly more complicated. Whether you like the look of being shaved or trimmed, comfort is super important. Personally I prefer to trim with clippers, my Manscapped Lawnmower is perfect for this. It looks tidy and prevents hairs from getting caught up in the cage and pinching or pulling, but it doesn’t run the risk of ingrown hairs like shaving does. Shaving also itches like hell when it starts to grow back which can be really uncomfortable, especially around the cages ring and the edges of the tube where they rub against the skin. I also find that chaffing is more likely to occur around the parts of the cage that rub when I am fully shaved and this can irritate the hair follicles and cause redness.

After doing your maintenance in the shower do a quick inspection to make sure that everything is okay and then gently rub your fingers against the grain of the hairs to help release any follicles and make sure they don’t go ingrown.

If I do shave I am very careful to moisturise after I finish and let the skin breath and dry before putting the cage back on. It’s important because damp or greasy skin can go cold and clammy and become uncomfortable or even painful.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips to share about how to take care of yourself while caged. What works for you? What do you think people should avoid?

For more info on trimming and taking care of your balls check out this previous post








LOCKED BOY DIARY – Some questions answered.

Some of you have had some great questions. Let’s take a look at what’s worked for me and what might work for you. If you’re still not sure or have concerns about a cage then speak to the manufacturer or your GP for any health concerns.

Do you find it easier to keep clean when your shaved vs not? Also I find I can get sore between my balls and my dick from the cage. It’s a small one so I’m thinking maybe it’s too small?

Firstly I tend to trim rather than shave. I find that if I shave, there is a risk of ingrown hairs and chaffing, especially under the cage. Neat and tidy seems to work best for me. If you shave you may also find you get quite a lot of itching as it grows back and that’s no good for chaffing if you’re constantly scratching around the cage. I use clippers such as the Manscaped Lawnmower 2.0. It’s perfect for me and it’s waterproof so I can trim in the shower.

As for the sore spot between the dick and balls, I found that this happened to me too with the Mancage and the CBT ranges. It’s because the tube doesn’t have a recess underneath it. Once I swapped to the Holy Trainer this problem disappeared almost immediately.

What happens if you start to get hard ? Is it then quite painful ?

If the cage fits properly then there shouldn’t be pain. It is usual for there to be some discomfort, that’s part of the attraction of having a cage on, but it should be an arousing discomfort not genuine pain. If it’s painful then take it off. I almost always wake up semi hard in the morning but the cage stops me from being able to jerk off or cum so I spend the morning in sweet ecstasy without relief.

Have you come across the brand “below the belt ” for your cock & balls ? Deodorant & Moisturiser….feels & smells & keeps the area dry but not tried with a cage.

No I haven’t but i’ll take a look. I use the ball toner and ball deodorant from Manscapped and they work a treat.

How do you know what size ring is right as I’m sure you can’t try them on before you buy?

If you wear cockrings then it should be the same size, as a general rule you should be able to fit your index finger comfortably between the cage and you balls. Go out and get yourself a cock ring and judge the size from that.

How comfortable are they wearing them with jeans or trousers or are they more suitable for wearing with shorts?

You can wear them with anything you like. Some days I don’t even feel like my holy trainer is on. Obviously it’s a little more crowded down there with the cage on so be sensible. You will know what feels good and what doesn’t. Some people enjoy the discomfort as a reminder that they have the cage on, while others prefer loose clothing.

What do you do if “Master” refuses to give you the key?

Your cage should always come with two sets of keys, even the padlocks you buy in a store will have two keys. Never give both of them to one person. Having a key holder is about trust, be sure that you know your key holder well and have clear rules and boundaries in place. The whole point of having a key holder is so that you can’t just take it off whenever you want.

Keep your key, freeze it in an ice block, lock it in a key safe, etc. so that it’s not easily available but accessible in an emergency.

Submission does not negate consent. If you no longer wish to be caged your Master must unlock you.

Any key Master who refuses to unlock you in a health emergency, or who breaches the terms of your lockup should immediately be booted and not seen again, they do not respect you.

Can you get it off in case of emergency?

Adult playground means adult consequences. Nothing is fool proof but if you keep your spare key in a safe place then you should be able to unlock yourself in an emergency.

How do you piss while locked?

All the cages I’ve seen have a hole for you to piss, it seems like it would be a pretty big design flaw if you couldn’t take piss. Mornings can be difficult if you need to wait for your semi to settle down first before going.