A week ago I ticked over 100 days locked in chastity. I’m sorry that I didn’t share this sooner but this week has been the first week back at the gym and work since lockdown and life has gotten really busy again, really quickly.

Making it to 100 days feels amazing. It’s been quite an interesting journey and I don’t think I would have reached 100 without Sirs help to keep me motivated. It hasn’t always been enjoyable and there were times when I really wanted to take the cage off and my discipline was tested. It’s not really chastity though until you want to take it off.

Have my feelings about chastity changed since day 1?

My reasons for wearing the holy trainer and having a key holder haven’t changed. I still find that it makes sex for me more enjoyable and removes a lot of the anxiety I have about it. It definitely makes butt sex more enjoyable for me and lets me relax in to my sub role. Sir enjoys his status as my key holder and it’s still a strong symbol of my submission to him. I am noticing that my urge to Top has been getting stronger and stronger over the last month. There are quite a few twink butts that are looking mighty mighty good, but the benefits of staying locked are so gooooood that its making for some sweet, sweet, temptation, cage boners.

Physically the challenge of being caged for this amount of time has been greater than the mental challenge. My holy trainer has been uncomfortable lately. It’s getting scratchy and pinching because the cage itself has begun to bend and the joint has begun to loosen. I’m not suprised to be honest, the cage has worked very hard over the last three months. It’s still the most comfortable cage I have worn and I recommend it if you are thinking about getting a cage for yourself. I’ve ordered myself a new metal cage, hopefully it fits and arrives soon.

Sir’s reward for reaching 100 days was removing the cage while I served him and then jerking me off at the very end. I swear to science it. was. the. best. orgasm. of. my. life, so far! The kind of orgasm that stays in your toes and fingers even after you have caught your breath. After 100 days of ruined orgasms and milking the relief that washed over my body was incredible. If you can make it to 100 days yourself then you will understand what I mean.

Whats next?

At the end of the night Sir handed me three folded pieces of paper and asked me to pick one. They had 50 days, 100 days, and Sir chooses written on them. I picked the 100 days one… so here we go again.

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to ask questions or share your own story below.



I have been collared by Sir now for almost two months and his training has been continuing every week. I’ve mentioned before how excited I was to be collared and that it’s been this sub boys goal for a very long time. My sessions with Sir are always really hot and even after a few months ( a couple at long distance because of COVID ) things are still fresh.

Any Kink partnership requires some give and take from both Dom and sub. Sir really pays attention to my needs and enjoyment and this is something that I am really grateful for. He has also been very careful to foster a connection that allows me to express my needs without fear of being slut shamed or judged. This is super important because it has meant that we can both explore what the other wants and needs more deeply.

Sir has very VERY high expectations of me but that sense of discipline and expectation is really important for me in a kink partnership. Clear protocols and rules are also important. These thing help me navigate sex in a much clearer way and removes a lot of the anxiety I feel about sex. This is why kink makes sex so much more enjoyable for me. I find the clear roles and expectations liberating.

Before meeting Sir, with the exception of a couple of fuck buddies, my sex life was generally unsatisfying. It was unsatisfying because a lot of guys that I hooked up with either lacked the stamina, creativity or the attentiveness that I needed to enjoy sex myself. I’m completely butt focussed, I don’t really get hard when I’m being fucked. It’s common for a lot of bottoms but some Tops take it personally and having a guy grabbing at my dick all the time makes me feel quite a bit of anxiety and gives both of us performance anxiety.

Locking my dick away completely removes all of the pressure and anxiety and we can both enjoy what we really want. Cumming for me isn’t the focus of sex, in fact I prefer not too while I’m caged because the sexual energy is just too good. Sir satisfies me mentally as well as physically by giving me what I need as sub. The best sexual organ really is the brain. I always leave him exhausted, satisfied, and always hungry for more.

That’s what makes our partnership so great and different from being fuck buddies or just a hookup. I’m starting to really understand the value of this and how much value my kinks bring to my life. I get all the physical and mental stimulation I need plus the intimacy that comes from really being able to share my needs and connect with Sir.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – Balancing my hyper sexual kink lifestyle.

Since I started really exploring my sub headspace about a year ago I have learnt a lot about myself, my limits, and the difference between what is fantasy and reality. I have always wanted to be an owned boy but the reality of what that means is going to be challenging.

Maintaining a balance between my sub boy headspace and my regular everyday life has been becoming more and more challenging as my everyday life becomes hyper sexualised. I have thought about the sub lifestyle and being collared a lot for a very long time but this is the first time that I have experienced it and its pushing my limits at every level.

I have always been a very sexual person and sex has always been an extremely large part of my life. My sex life has also been very unhealthy and toxic at times and I have to be very careful when it starts to run away from me. Sexuality has been consuming a lot of my bandwidth over the past month and there are times when even I need a break.

Since lockdown and meeting Sir my everyday has become hyper sexual as my kinks move from a play space to a lifestyle. Being locked in chastity and collared means that sex is in the front of my mind all the time and that manifests itself in my social media and my daily routines. Mentally I have found that it takes a lot of discipline to keep everything together. Sir likes to keep me caged, collared and plugged most days which means constant vigilance and preparation. Those of you who bottom will know what it’s like to prepare for a dick appointment but when you have to be ready for almost anything at anytime, diet, hygiene and time management all become super important. The mental and physical discipline of maintaining this everyday can be exhausting. I need to be careful not to have blow outs where I gorge myself on sex and food and then end up feeling depressed, I will have to listen carefully to myself and let Sir know when I am starting to feel run down.

Right now I feel like sex has taken over my life and I need to restore some balance again. So as I move from a play space to lifestyle what are the things I am doing at the moment to return that balance?

Firstly I think that the current level of intensity its high but acceptable. Sir and I are interacting everyday although this is a kink partnership and not a romantic relationship. Maintaining open and honest communication with Sir will be the key to keeping a good Kink/life balance. Sir has made a real point of making sure I know that I can speak at anytime without judgement which is very important. Things have been intense because of lockdown and the excess of free time we have had, but that should settle down as work and my regular social life begins to normalise.

Secondly I hold my family, work and health above my kinks at all times. Sir understands this and it’s something that I made a point of discussing with him before signing Sirs contract.

Thirdly it’s important to maintain my independent social life and circle of friends as well as maintain my interests in other things. I can sometimes get too focussed on Sir and my duties as a boy, then my friendships and other aspects of my life suffer because I do not pay attention to them.

I love my role as an owned boy now I just need to strike the right balance with Sir.

Have you had a similar experience? Are you in a Kink partnership yourself? If you have any tips please share them and leave a comment below.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – God damn I miss sex!

I really REALLY miss sex, sex with other people to be specific, and locked away in my Holy Trainer and plugged with my Lovense Hush, sex with myself means long distance wifi enabled sex with my Twitter fans.

So yeah by this stage of being locked I had expected to be living it up as a locked bottom boy but 2020 so far seems to have found the ultimate cock blocker in the form of the Rona.

I know that there are a bunch of you on Twitter, OnlyFans and in the Members section who are spoiling to see me get gagged, pounded, railed, and spit roasted, but I’ve decided that while we are under lockdown it’s going to be solos only. I’m not doing it because I think that I’m likely to get the Rona, I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do right now. If keeping each other safe and the community safe means I can’t get laid for a little while then that’s okay with me.

I really fucking miss fucking but it’s not like I’m being asked to go to war or put on a mask and work in a hospital. I can help by just doing the right thing, because I know that I could make people around me get sick and not even realise it. I could leave the virus on a door knob, or supermarket touch screen, or I could use the ATM and leave it there, or on the door of my Uber. Somebody could then pick it up and give it to their Mum or their dad or their kids.

So until then I’ll have to try and find some more creative ways to entertain you. It’s been fun messing around with my hush plug and giving my toys a good workout. The door frame was an excellent suggestion, maybe I should try a few other things around the apartment LOL. I don’t wanna gross out my housemate though, hygiene is important LOL.

For now please be patient, there are lot of offers in the wings for when lockdown ends.

God damn I miss sex, but not enough to risk it.

Be safe everyone, be kind to yourselves and to each other.