Occasionally Sir allows me to cum. It’s an intense experience in a cage and incredibly rewarding. Cumming in the cage maintains my horniness but feels incredible too.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – Surviving the Gym.

If you’re lucky enough to be where lock down restrictions have been eased enough for you to start hitting the gym again you may be wondering how to keep comfortable in your cage during your workouts.

Chaffing is a super big problem at the gym for me. Leg days are especially tricky and on more than one occasion the pain from chaffing and pinching has become so bad that I have had to stop my workout. It’s also not good for your form if your having to make adjustments for you cage.

There are no guarantees that these tips will work for you but now that I’ve been locked for over three months I’ve been able to play around with a few solutions.

The most important thing is to stay warm. Cold sweats and tight balls are the worst possible thing when you’re caged. I recently discovered that using a pouch or a wrap around your cage and balls makes a huge difference to being comfortable. Wear it with your underwear. Obviously this is less of a problem in summer but even in summer in an air-conditioned gym you can get quite cold.

Secondly make sure the cage is properly fitted. The cock ring part of the cage shouldn’t be so tight that it pulls on the skin. Don’t be afraid to make an adjustment in the locker room.

Leg days are the worst. Loose fitting shorts and comfortable briefs will make your life much better. Tight undies squash and rub which will eventually cause pain. Tight undies and shorts will also make it harder to maintain form because the cage won’t be able to move freely without pinching and rubbing.

Lastly, take your key with you. Even if you have a key holder your safety should always come first. If the pain is too great or the cage is causing you an injury then remove it. The urge to stay caged may be strong but its better to remove it for an hour than cause an injury. If your key holder does not agree to this then get a new key holder, the subs safety must always come first. My Sir allows me to remove my cage for leg days subject to chastity checks prior to and after workouts.

A lot of guys have been asking me about comfort, chaffing and pinching. It’s important to remember that some discomfort is part of the point of wearing a cage. It’s not really chastity until you want to take it off. Its not meant to feel like a dream all of the time but there is a difference between discomfort and genuine pain and injury. Listen to what your body is telling you. Your headspace its also important. I often find the cage feels worst on days when I’m in a foul mood. Keeping in tune with your body and mind is very much a key element to remaining healthy in chastity.

Do any of you have your own tips? Leave a comment below and tell us.




LOCKED BOY DIARY – How do you stay locked for so long?

Doms and subs both message me from time to time asking how long-term chastity works for me and how I manage to stay locked for so long when many have trouble staying locked for more than twenty four hours due to discomfort or pain.

My head space is key and how I approach pain and discipline.

That headspace it created by my Dom as much as it is by me. If you are not committed to submitting willingly to the experience then you are going to struggle.

A lot of the subs I speak to about chastity think that putting the cage on will have them dripping pre-cum non stop while they walk around feeling good and horny everywhere, all the time. But before you reach this state you will need to get used to what it means to be caged. The fantasy and the reality are very different. After a month wearing the cage my first orgasm last two minutes non stop, after 100 days I experienced the most intense orgasm of my life, but to hit those heights of ecstasy takes a kind of submission and discipline that needs to be built up each time you put the cage on.

I went in to chastity intending to do it long term but before hitting the 120th day like I did today I had more than a few false starts. My last record was a month but before that I’d only managed a few days here or there. It’s been painful, scratchy, and pinchy at times and I’ve had occasional cuts and sensitivity but those are only physical things. The thing that got me through all of this was my head space. I am a sub, I was made to serve and being in chastity is an important part of my submission to Sir and my identity as a boy.

As well as the headspace your hygiene and care routine is super important. Keeping to a regular routine and using good quality products to take care of cleaning and your skin will make all the difference. Look for moisturisers that will help with the chaffing and keep warm to avoid clammy skin and cold sweats.

If you’re truly interested in chasity then understanding why and what you want to get out of it is the key. If you’re a Dom who wants to keep a boy in chastity it won’t work without your subs willing submission. Your sub needs to Want to be in chasity. It works differently for everyone, you need to really communicate what you both want to get out of it and then set achievable goals. Saying you’re going to go permanent without understanding what that really means is only going to lead to disappointment.


Lastly, everybody’s kink its different and what works for me may not work for you. Approach it with and open mind and as always listen to your body – safety first!



A week ago I ticked over 100 days locked in chastity. I’m sorry that I didn’t share this sooner but this week has been the first week back at the gym and work since lockdown and life has gotten really busy again, really quickly.

Making it to 100 days feels amazing. It’s been quite an interesting journey and I don’t think I would have reached 100 without Sirs help to keep me motivated. It hasn’t always been enjoyable and there were times when I really wanted to take the cage off and my discipline was tested. It’s not really chastity though until you want to take it off.

Have my feelings about chastity changed since day 1?

My reasons for wearing the holy trainer and having a key holder haven’t changed. I still find that it makes sex for me more enjoyable and removes a lot of the anxiety I have about it. It definitely makes butt sex more enjoyable for me and lets me relax in to my sub role. Sir enjoys his status as my key holder and it’s still a strong symbol of my submission to him. I am noticing that my urge to Top has been getting stronger and stronger over the last month. There are quite a few twink butts that are looking mighty mighty good, but the benefits of staying locked are so gooooood that its making for some sweet, sweet, temptation, cage boners.

Physically the challenge of being caged for this amount of time has been greater than the mental challenge. My holy trainer has been uncomfortable lately. It’s getting scratchy and pinching because the cage itself has begun to bend and the joint has begun to loosen. I’m not suprised to be honest, the cage has worked very hard over the last three months. It’s still the most comfortable cage I have worn and I recommend it if you are thinking about getting a cage for yourself. I’ve ordered myself a new metal cage, hopefully it fits and arrives soon.

Sir’s reward for reaching 100 days was removing the cage while I served him and then jerking me off at the very end. I swear to science it. was. the. best. orgasm. of. my. life, so far! The kind of orgasm that stays in your toes and fingers even after you have caught your breath. After 100 days of ruined orgasms and milking the relief that washed over my body was incredible. If you can make it to 100 days yourself then you will understand what I mean.

Whats next?

At the end of the night Sir handed me three folded pieces of paper and asked me to pick one. They had 50 days, 100 days, and Sir chooses written on them. I picked the 100 days one… so here we go again.

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to ask questions or share your own story below.


LOCKED BOY DIARY – 100 days around the corner.

In a weeks time I will have been locked for 100 days. 100 days of being in the Holy Trainer and chastity. 100 days of handing over control of my dick and cum to SIR.

Before handing over the key for my cage to SIR my previous record being locked was 30 days. Since then I’ve tried to keep a diary here of what its been like to be caged for so long. Each time I’ve hit a new goal I’ve wanted to stay caged longer.

I’m now approaching 100 days locked which feels awesome. At this point I can’t really see a reason to stop. There have been plenty of times along the way when I’ve wanted to take it off but the benefits of staying caged are still as strong as they were back when I broke my thirty day record.

The last two weeks have been really tough. The cage was scratchy and everything was sensitive. It’s only chastity when you want to take it off but it was getting close to being unbearably annoying. I was very close to asking Sir for a break. Now it feels like its come full circle again and I’m enjoying as much as I was when it all started three months ago.

Like all things there have been good and uncomfortable moments in the cage but being locked longterm has taught me that not taking it off and instead trying to manage the harder days has made the whole experience even more rewarding.

I am getting lots of questions from other Kinksters who are thinking about giving chastity a go. I’ve even inspired a few of you to start or get back in to locking yourselves up which is awesome. There really needs to be more locked boys out there and it’s steadily becoming more and more mainstream for bottoms to try it.

I’m putting together another question and answers post for next week so if there is something you want to ask please leave a comment below and if you haven’t been following my locked boy diaries then I suggest you go back and read a few of them.

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