LOCKED BOY DIARY – Take care of your balls.

Chaffing is a real problem if you’re locked up,

I’ve searched for ages for something that helps with the chaffing from being in long term chastity. For me the problem area is always underneath my dick. When I first started being caged I would get super sore and red under there as the skin pulled and stretched against the ring of the cage. As I wore the cage more the skin became used to it but I did go through a whole bunch of products to try and alleviate the discomfort.


Lube works for a time but I found that you need to reapply it often and you can end up with a sticky crotch which is a little uncomfortable. I also found some water based lubes make it worse because as they dry out they become glue by themselves. Silicon based lubes were the best but if you’re wearing undies then they end up staining.


I tried this once and it just ended up everywhere and wasn’t good for long term used. It relieved the skin but I felt a bit like I had a crotch full of goop.

Paw Paw ointment

The Aussies will know this one well. In London this stuff was like gold, everyone wanted it. It’s a little like vaseline but much better. Its great on skin complaints and as a lip balm but its hard to get outside of Australia. It relives the pain and calms the skin but needs to be reapplied often. It’s definitely one of the better options.


I even tried powder and while it smells great I found it pretty much useless. If my crotch got sweaty the talc just turned in to chalk LOL.

Moisturiser and Baby oil

Moisturiser and baby oil might seem like a good idea but if your balls sweat it feels like your in ball soup or the opposite will happen and they go cold and clammy which is even more uncomfortable. Also Johnson and Johnson, and Nivea should be avoided wherever possible for being Cunts in my opinion.

Ball toner and Deodorant

Okay so this may sound a bit like an endorsement but I swear I discovered these by accident. Manscaped sent me a new clipper to try and they included these with the package. I never knew there even was such a thing as ball deodorant LOL. They actually work really nicely with the cage. You only need a little to relieve the skin and the anti chaffing in the deodorant is really effective. Just put a little in your palm and apply it all over your balls. Both together have made a big difference.

On the subject of in-grown hairs;

If you’re shaving around the cage like I do there are a few things that have helped me avoid in-grown hairs.

Firstly I shave in the shower slowly. Slowly is the key, pay attention, use a fresh razor and don’t hack at them.

Second, after shaving, under the running water use your finger to gently rub against the grain. This will help release any hairs that are stuck against the skin.

Thirdly, after drying apply a moisturiser to soften and soothe the skin.

and lastly drink more water.



Let’s do some Manscaping and get 20% OFF.

Manscaped recently sent me their new Lawn Mower 3.0 clipper to try. It’s a nifty little clipper for the hard to reach places and is much less cumbersome than my larger clipper. It’s also waterproof and has a handy light on top. If you’re looking for a new clipper then I can recommend it.

It’s cordless of course and comes with a handy little charger. I like to unplug mine when it’s not charging and use the stand to keep my bathroom looking tidy. I charged it up when it arrived three weeks ago and I haven’t had to recharge it since.

I’m a nervous shaver, especially when I’m trimming my nethers or under my arms and having a compact clipper makes it much easier to get where I need to go. It’s also waterproof which means I can use it in the shower.

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