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LOCKED BOY DIARY – Is being caged empowering or humiliating?

A fan asked me if being caged was empowering and/or humiliating today.

It’s a really great question because people often ask me what is it about being in chasity that I enjoy so much?, especially when they discover for themselves that being caged can sometimes be very uncomfortable.

My answer is that it absolutely makes me feel empowered.

Being caged means that I can focus completely on being a submissive bottom, which is exactly what I enjoy. I don’t have to negotiate my role and my partners know exactly what is and isn’t available. I’ve never been dick focussed when it comes to sex. Every nerve and pleasure centre in my body has a direct line to my butt, so much so that I don’t always need to cum during sex. I’m so butt focussed that having a guy grabbing at my dick doesn’t really turn me on. With my dick locked all that pressure evaporates and there are no awkward moments and padding his ego, and trying to explain to my Top that yes I really am enjoying myself. The clarity is hugely empowering for me because I can focus on doing what I love most.

The sexual energy from being caged is also empowering. All the time I save not jerking off and trawling PornHub get focussed in to more useful things, I find that my creativity explodes when I’m caged. My posts get more interesting, my work gets better and mind gets dirtier.

My sub headspace has always been about submission and domination, not humiliation. I don’t find being caged at all humiliating. Some guys I know use caging to shrink their dicks (physically impossible) or as a kind of feminisation. This is not where the head space for me is at.

I wear the cage because I identify as a man with a locked dick, subdued and subservient to Sir who is my Alpha. That is not humiliating because to serve Sir is a privilege. Sir only ever owns one boy at a time and he has extremely high expectations. To be Sirs locked, collared boy is to be elevated by Sir above all other boys – my collar and cage are symbols of this.