This weekend Sir collared me. For those of you not familiar with Dom/sub relationships when a Dom collars a boy it means that Sir is taking ownership of the boy. It is a significant sign of Sirs commitment and appreciation to make a collar for his boy. Ownership means that Sir is committed to training and using the boy for his pleasure and the boy submits to Sirs authority alone. Each Dom/sub relationship is unique and is not necessarily romantic and the boundaries and expectations require an open negotiation.

Sir now holds keys for my chastity cage and collar and I have submitted to him completely.

I have been searching for a Dom to commit to in this way for along time and earning my collar comes with some sense of pride. Sir has given me permission to share some of my experiences with you and I am looking forward to this next step in my training. It is a privilege to serve Sir.

Have you had a similar experience? leave a comment below and share your story.

LOCKED BOY DIARY – 35 days in the Holy Trainer.

Until now the longest I’ve been locked up in my Holy Trainer has been 30 days. I’ve now beaten that record and I plan to keep going as long as I can. Since many people on my socials have been asking me questions about the experience I thought I’d give you a timeline of what the last month has been like.

Long term chastity is something that I have thought about quite a bit, but this is the first time that I’ve been in the headspace to keep going. A month seems to be about what my body can comfortably take so I’m being super careful as I push the limits further.

I have written about my reasons for wearing a Holy Trainer in previous posts, what I want to share today is what’s changed physically and mentally after a month locked up.

Week 1.

After a long break week one was a bit off a challenge. I had to make changes to my routine. My sleep and gym patterns were effected the most. My sleep was a little broken while I got used to wearing the cage again and waking up in the morning with a full bladder became tricky because trying to pee in the cage with a semi is difficult.

Gym workouts became slightly more uncomfortable as I readjusted to the chaffing. My clothes generally get looser and I have to make changes mostly to my leg workouts. I just have to accept that there are going to be challenges like pinching, chaffing and itching and deal with them immediately when they come up with quick trips to the bathroom to make adjustments.

Being back in the cage is horny too. Being semi most of the day isn’t easy and the temptation to give in during the first week is always high and my bulge looks menacing everywhere I go lol.

Week 2.

I always find week two to be the most difficult and the horniest. I’m used to jerking off at least once or twice a day so not being able to do it for two weeks generally has me climbing the walls. It’s also when things get really uncomfortable because by now any chaffing and rubbing is starting to wear out my patience even though it’s fading away. It’s not really chastity until you want to take the cage off so I keep going. They say it takes two weeks to form a habit and getting through the second week is difficult but worth it.

In week two I also notice a very obvious increase in my energy and productivity as I channel all the energy I was wasting on Pornhub and Twitter in to the Gym, work and other jobs that I need to get done.

Week 3.

In week three everything begins to settle down and I am glad that I stuck it out. My body and mind adjust to the new routine. Mornings are challenging as always. I wake up straining in the cage, I have to wait for everything to settle down and then pee, shower and get on with the day. By now I’m wearing loose undies when I workout and sleep naked because its more comfortable.

Week three is a great time to get things done, all the energy I was wasting on wanking and porn is now fully redirected in to my workouts and work. I’m in a total sub headspace and my interactions with Sir drive me to go even further. I get shit done and then move on to the next project. I’m horny but that energy keeps me moving. The chaffing has almost gone and I’m loving my new found discipline.

Week 4.

All the good stuff from week three carries through until around Thursday when I get horny as hell again. I start to loose focus and can’t control myself as I reach the  “too much of a good thing” stage. Week four is the danger week when the temptation to be free is strongest. I’m humping furniture, doing dildo posts on Twitter and my content gets really dirty. It’s usually the posts from week four that get deleted in week five.

It’s also the week when I have to be really careful and make sure that I’m paying close attention to hygiene and making sure things don’t get out of hand down there. My dick has been locked up for almost a month at this stage and its super important to make sure everything is healthy. I start taking the cage of every 2 – 3 days at this point to make sure things are okay.

It’s also during week four that I begin to be able to cum hands free. I experienced my first ever anal orgasm at this stage and it’s well worth the weeks of abstinence leading up to it.

Week 5.

Unknown territory… I’m well and truly on my way to being locked longterm now but the desire to be free and fuck ass is strong. It’s usually around the start of week five that my headspace begins to flip and my dom streak starts to come out. Twink ass starts to look real good to me at this point. Where I go now I don’t really know but I’m looking forward to finding out.

What have I noticed physically over the last 5 weeks?

Physically there haven’t been many changes, chaffing is still an issue but I’ve got a good routine now and found a couple of good products that really work for me. Some guys talk about shrinking but that’s not been the case for me and I’m not in to using progressively smaller cages to shrink myself. Some other users of chastity cages have also told me that after a while they stopped getting hard. That hasn’t been the case for me at all, if anything I get hard more often, although it seems to go in a two week cycle at the moment. I’m also uncut so hygiene is especially important to me, other than some light sensitivity I haven’t noticed any increased discomfort or skin complaints.

All up i’d say my experience so far has been really fun and I’ve gotten exactly what I wanted out of it. I’m looking forward to trying for two months now.



LOCKED BOY DIARY – Some questions answered.

Some of you have had some great questions. Let’s take a look at what’s worked for me and what might work for you. If you’re still not sure or have concerns about a cage then speak to the manufacturer or your GP for any health concerns.

Do you find it easier to keep clean when your shaved vs not? Also I find I can get sore between my balls and my dick from the cage. It’s a small one so I’m thinking maybe it’s too small?

Firstly I tend to trim rather than shave. I find that if I shave, there is a risk of ingrown hairs and chaffing, especially under the cage. Neat and tidy seems to work best for me. If you shave you may also find you get quite a lot of itching as it grows back and that’s no good for chaffing if you’re constantly scratching around the cage. I use clippers such as the Manscaped Lawnmower 2.0. It’s perfect for me and it’s waterproof so I can trim in the shower.

As for the sore spot between the dick and balls, I found that this happened to me too with the Mancage and the CBT ranges. It’s because the tube doesn’t have a recess underneath it. Once I swapped to the Holy Trainer this problem disappeared almost immediately.

What happens if you start to get hard ? Is it then quite painful ?

If the cage fits properly then there shouldn’t be pain. It is usual for there to be some discomfort, that’s part of the attraction of having a cage on, but it should be an arousing discomfort not genuine pain. If it’s painful then take it off. I almost always wake up semi hard in the morning but the cage stops me from being able to jerk off or cum so I spend the morning in sweet ecstasy without relief.

Have you come across the brand “below the belt ” for your cock & balls ? Deodorant & Moisturiser….feels & smells & keeps the area dry but not tried with a cage.

No I haven’t but i’ll take a look. I use the ball toner and ball deodorant from Manscapped and they work a treat.

How do you know what size ring is right as I’m sure you can’t try them on before you buy?

If you wear cockrings then it should be the same size, as a general rule you should be able to fit your index finger comfortably between the cage and you balls. Go out and get yourself a cock ring and judge the size from that.

How comfortable are they wearing them with jeans or trousers or are they more suitable for wearing with shorts?

You can wear them with anything you like. Some days I don’t even feel like my holy trainer is on. Obviously it’s a little more crowded down there with the cage on so be sensible. You will know what feels good and what doesn’t. Some people enjoy the discomfort as a reminder that they have the cage on, while others prefer loose clothing.

What do you do if “Master” refuses to give you the key?

Your cage should always come with two sets of keys, even the padlocks you buy in a store will have two keys. Never give both of them to one person. Having a key holder is about trust, be sure that you know your key holder well and have clear rules and boundaries in place. The whole point of having a key holder is so that you can’t just take it off whenever you want.

Keep your key, freeze it in an ice block, lock it in a key safe, etc. so that it’s not easily available but accessible in an emergency.

Submission does not negate consent. If you no longer wish to be caged your Master must unlock you.

Any key Master who refuses to unlock you in a health emergency, or who breaches the terms of your lockup should immediately be booted and not seen again, they do not respect you.

Can you get it off in case of emergency?

Adult playground means adult consequences. Nothing is fool proof but if you keep your spare key in a safe place then you should be able to unlock yourself in an emergency.

How do you piss while locked?

All the cages I’ve seen have a hole for you to piss, it seems like it would be a pretty big design flaw if you couldn’t take piss. Mornings can be difficult if you need to wait for your semi to settle down first before going.


Hey there locked lads, I’m locked again in my holy trainer and the key is safely in the hands of my key Master. Since there are so many of us locked boys out there I’ve decided to keep a diary of my adventures to answer questions, provide tips and just share my adventures. Soooooo many people have questions even those of you who aren’t locked so I thought why not.

I’m on day 11 currently with no plans for a time limit other than I want to beat my previous record of 30 days.

To kick off my Locked boy diary I’m reposting two videos I made last year. The first is a talk about why Chastity appeals and the second is a review of the three cages I own.

Enjoy and please leave a comment if you have any questions of stories to share.


Mancage Vs CB3000 Vs Holy Trainer. Which Chastity cage is the best?

The Holy Trainer Maxi is a great choice if you are on the slightly thicker side. It’s the only one I could find for those of us with a little more girth.


Here you can see the Holy Trainer Sizes and the recess underneath the tube that I describe in the video. Don’t be modest when choosing what size you will need, choose the one you think will be a perfect match.

Things I don’t like about being locked.

For those of you considering chastity cages for yourselves or for your partners I have already talked a little cleanliness and how much being locked has changed my sex life. There are some things though that I don’t like about being locked.

Chaffing is a real problem. Especially around the balls and under the shaft. If you’re going to be locked for a long time, then you have to pay really close attention to the cage and make sure you get a really good fit to avoid it. Baby oil or coconut oil are very helpful but some discomfort is impossible to avoid especially at the gym.

Grabby guys. The cages can pinch and if somebody decides to grab you then you could be in for a shock. Most guys don’t know what to do with a chastity cage. One jerk I hooked up with latched on to it and was pulling hard on the cage. I had to raise my voice and give him a firm command to STOP. Common sense, unfortunately, can be rare.

Design flaws. I will be doing a more in-depth review of my three cages later in the month but for now, my experience is that the two cages I have worn have had some serious design flaws. Badly located mold lines, sharp edges, lack of size variation and overly complex shapes all mean that there is no “perfect” cage. Dicks vary but cages at the moment do not.

I can’t Top. Yes I’m a bottom but I do occasionally like to smash the back porch out of a twink and I can’t do that anymore.