I’ve been getting a few questions lately about supplements and which ones I use.

So here they are. I have two protein shakes a day. 1 with breakfast and the second immediately after my workout. I was having three but found it was too much for my stomach and was leaving me feeling bloated. I also take a pre-workout before each session at the gym.

There are many different brands and mixtures and these are the ones that I have found work best for me. I based my decision on what the store assistant recommended after I discussed with him what my goals are. I wanted a good protein that would help me make lean gains. I’m really pleased with his recommendation and I’ve been using the SCITECH now for about three months. You can see the influence it’s had for yourselves.

Supplements are as the name suggests are a way to add valuable protein to your diet, they are NOT a replacement for good nutrition. Eating a healthy diet tailored to your goals is the key to any kind of change in your physical health. Speak to your trainer or GP about what diet will help you meet your goal.



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