I have been collared by Sir now for almost two months and his training has been continuing every week. I’ve mentioned before how excited I was to be collared and that it’s been this sub boys goal for a very long time. My sessions with Sir are always really hot and even after a few months ( a couple at long distance because of COVID ) things are still fresh.

Any Kink partnership requires some give and take from both Dom and sub. Sir really pays attention to my needs and enjoyment and this is something that I am really grateful for. He has also been very careful to foster a connection that allows me to express my needs without fear of being slut shamed or judged. This is super important because it has meant that we can both explore what the other wants and needs more deeply.

Sir has very VERY high expectations of me but that sense of discipline and expectation is really important for me in a kink partnership. Clear protocols and rules are also important. These thing help me navigate sex in a much clearer way and removes a lot of the anxiety I feel about sex. This is why kink makes sex so much more enjoyable for me. I find the clear roles and expectations liberating.

Before meeting Sir, with the exception of a couple of fuck buddies, my sex life was generally unsatisfying. It was unsatisfying because a lot of guys that I hooked up with either lacked the stamina, creativity or the attentiveness that I needed to enjoy sex myself. I’m completely butt focussed, I don’t really get hard when I’m being fucked. It’s common for a lot of bottoms but some Tops take it personally and having a guy grabbing at my dick all the time makes me feel quite a bit of anxiety and gives both of us performance anxiety.

Locking my dick away completely removes all of the pressure and anxiety and we can both enjoy what we really want. Cumming for me isn’t the focus of sex, in fact I prefer not too while I’m caged because the sexual energy is just too good. Sir satisfies me mentally as well as physically by giving me what I need as sub. The best sexual organ really is the brain. I always leave him exhausted, satisfied, and always hungry for more.

That’s what makes our partnership so great and different from being fuck buddies or just a hookup. I’m starting to really understand the value of this and how much value my kinks bring to my life. I get all the physical and mental stimulation I need plus the intimacy that comes from really being able to share my needs and connect with Sir.


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