Surviving social media. Relearning the art of conversation.

iphone-costume-tvI once lived in a share house with 5 others and one day I noticed that all six of us were home speaking on iMessage from our bedrooms. Tech is great for bringing people together from the other side of the world but when you won’t leave your own room to have a face to face conversation then it’s all gone just a little bit too far.

How many of you rush home to talk all night on iMessage, Whatsap, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Why not go grab a coffee instead or if you can’t do that, ring and actually speak to your friends. Start using those unlimited minutes and save on your data.

Talking to each other isn’t just about saving data. The reason online chatting is so good is that you can be doing something else while you are texting, typing or snapping. That’s also part of the problem. When we care about people then we should give them a little bit of our time where they have our undivided attention. That’s just good manners isn’t it? How many of you think it’s rude when your trying to talk to someone and they pick up their phone and start texting?

We need to relearn how to sit and have a conversation in the moment with the people we care about without allowing that feeling of social media FOMO to take over. That status update your best mate posted about his lunch isn’t going anywhere and if you care that much about what he’s having for lunch then go out for lunch with him!

When my friends and I go for dinner we put our phones on the table. The first person to pick up their phone pays the bill.

There is always a place for anonymity especially in our community but we constantly complain that the clubs and bars are being ruined by Grindr and online dating. Be the change! Go out and start talking to people again. Getting rejected in person is tough and chat apps offer a safe place for many of us to talk to others but confidence comes from the knowledge that you can handle yourself in uncomfortable situations.

Put away the app and talk. You will be surprised how easy it is.




One thought on “Surviving social media. Relearning the art of conversation.

  • November 30, 2015 at 12:40 am

    Shannon, good advice I’d love to chat with you in person next time your home. Just to chat about anything would be nice.


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