Red Attention Wear Jockstrap


I’m loving the fuck out of this look. The red Attention Wear Jock looks hot with this Adidas socks, cap, and sweater combo. Make sure you go check out the Attentionwear range and get yourself 10% off with the code: ASTT10

The Jock is super comfortable and made from Nylon and Spandex so it has a super soft feel, stretches and for those of you with speedo fetishes feels just like swimmers. They would make a pretty awesome outfit if you’re brave enough to hit the pool or beach in them.

I’ve machine washed mine and soaked them in stain remover and I’m really pleased to say that the colour is pretty solid too. There is nothing worse than styles with white detail that run in the first wash. The stitching is excellent and the material good quality so at around $16.00 US they are totally a buy! The Adidas sweater and socks you will find easily on Amazon.


One thought on “Red Attention Wear Jockstrap

  • October 5, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    For one I love the colour and the combo. You have a natural figure for modelling them too so its great all round. Im not on your blog for just the more risquΓ© posts but more for the admiration of the male body as an art form the risquΓ© side is an added bonus. Your personal stories of your travels and adventures are always a great read. Babe keep up the good work. Much love and peace babe xxx


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