I’ve always been a little bit volatile, my responses to things that bother me have always been highly emotional. I used to be in control of those reactions but not so much anymore. Thats partly why I prefer to write my posts rather than make videos because it gives me a chance to draft and check my writing. Often a first draft is very emotional if its something that I’m passionate about and I can often comes across very angry. I used to be able to let things that bothered me just slide and I was better at letting go of things that just don’t matter, but I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been getting very ranty and negative, especially online. I used to try and keep my responses at least partially measured and thoughtful but lately my attitude has been “I’m over being nice”.

The problem is that I let things bother me now that would never have bothered me before. Small slights, Facebook posts, and all kinds of horrible things that people do set me off. Is it a personality trait coming out or is there something more to it and have I allowed myself to get swept up in cancel culture and the current climate of combative opinion?

Today I shared an Instagram profile about all the Karens who are making idiots of themselves. It’s a collection of all the worst videos of these people. What they are doing is horrendous and I immediately shared it. Later as I was walking to the shops I was reminded of an episode of The Orville where they visit a planet where there is no judicial system, everybody gets judged and sentenced by social media. People wiht poor ratings miss out on services and if you get judged really badly and you get lobotomised. It bothered me, although these were terrible people saying terrible things, that I was part of the mob, observing, sharing and sentencing. These people should be shamed but I don’t like mob justice and who am I to decided these things anyway?

Earlier today I rather abruptly responded to friends facebook post. It wasn’t even that the post was bad, I just popped a gasket and blew up. I ended up deleting the post and removing myself from the room. I worry that I’m turning in to a grumpy old man. My friends have even said it. I used to be so positive and easy going but now I allow things to trigger me that wouldn’t have in the past.

What’s going on?

5 thoughts on “Ranty.”

  1. You are turning into a grumpy old man. It’s just how life is. It’s normal. When I was a student I could live in squalor, but war and injustice made me mad as hell. Now I have just given up on the big things, but dirty dishes and leaf blowers and people phoning at dinner time drive me crazy. The older you get the more sure you are of what you like and don’t like. You become less able to tolerate crap which would have washed over you once. Social media is a curse. Review everything before pressing send. Friends are way more important than the instant gratification of being a smart arse. And COVID isn’t helping. I am climbing the walls with social isolation. I bet I haven’t helped at all….(grumpy) Eric

  2. As a 56-year-old, my concern is that people your age–and younger–are being trained to think that online flame throwing is the way the world is supposed to solve its problems. Of course, my own president, Mr. T., has made things infinitely worse, and the US may never recover. Even smart people who spent years in university learning how to do research and think and debate rationally now find themselves screaming, “F you, Karen!” Just yesterday I foolishly jumped into a Facebook thread on the topic of vandalism as an appropriate form of protest. I was generally opposed and thought I made a moderate and friendly argument, but I was instantly bombarded with several very stupid, very personal insults. One guy even called me a “gringo,’ which made no sense at all! The lesson: tune it out. Don’t engage. Look inward. Identify the things that bother you in this world and then try to take control of them at the smallest, most local level. Worried about climate change? Put up a recycling sign in your building. You get the idea. The world becomes more beautiful when you try to filter out all the ugliness that floods in through your screen. Cheers!

  3. Shannon, I think that you are at the stage/age in your life where you start to get emotionally (mentally) involved in other peoples concerns or ideals. I am guilty of this however I have learnt that before responding or even making a comment on social media I ask myself “is my comment going to improve or inflame the argument/discussion” if the answer is YES then I simply don’t make a comment at all. Now this may upset some of your blog followers however i’m going to provide an example: BLM, all over social media yep! I have read the majority of posts and how one reply is met with great distain and on and on it goes adding fuel to the fire. Nothing I have to say on the matter would help the conversation so I don’t comment and hold my opinion to myself. I hope that you can find it in yourself to try and do this. You are a kind, generous , thoughtful person. Mercury in retrograde has just finished but it has not completed yet there is still a couple of week to go where during this retrograde period communication (in any form) has the tendency to be taken the wrong way. Much love and peace babe XXX

  4. I don’t think you are turning into a Grumpy old man, I think what is happening is that due to the current worldwide situation it is your bodies way of dealing with the additional stress & anxiety.
    I myself have had to distance myself from doing something as basic as grocery shopping as it was causing me anxiety to be in the supermarket.
    It is about how we are looking after our mental health.

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