Rally for Marriage Equality.

30,000 rally in Sydney

Today possibly the biggest rally for marriage equality in Australias history happened all around the country. It’s a beautiful thing to see. I can’t believe that I still have to write about this but this is our chance to finally get it done. To all my Aussie mates back home please make sure that you vote and that you speak to your friends and relatives about their vote as well.

I watch whats happening back home and I wish I was there. I wish I was there to help defend the community that has nurtured, sheltered and comforted me nearly all of my adult life. I wish I was there to fight back against the bigots and the homophobes when they say hurtful lies about our families and my friends, I wish I was there to tear down the posters and stand by my LGBTQI brothers and sisters. It honestly makes my heart ache watching those of you fighting and not being able to be there with you. But since I can’t be there in person I will be there in spirit, this blog will be a safe place over the coming months, there will be no air given to hate speech, no free press for bigots, no food for the cockroaches. Here you will only find inspiration, you will only find light and you will only find love and in the coming months when our resolve is tested you can come here for quick cuppa love and a slice of rainbow wedding cake.

Love Wins

Photography by Michael Woods
Photo by Michael Woods 20,000 rally in Melbourne on Aug 26th



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