PUMP me like a Fratboy!

Β Lets start the week off with a little bit of PUMP.


I’ve always wanted to be in a Frat, but I think I’d probably get myself in to way too much trouble. Maybe if it was a Frat run by the Fraternity X boys I’d get along fine hehe.

Australia has never had a Frat culture so I had to make do with perving on guys in my classes, at swimming, at Scouts and on the beach. I guess I never really suffered but I have to admit that the Fraternity culture intrigues me. I have had quite a few friends who went to all boys boarding schools and they have quite a few stories to tell. Β I guess I’ll just have to keep fantasising.

My new PUMP Fratboy jockstrap is about as close as I will get now I think. It’s very comfy. I have had PUMP underwear and Jockstraps before. They last forever and look amazing so I’m totally hooked on the brand. I’ve reviewed them before and I’m pleased to say that they have not disappointed. Some brands get worse over time as they switch to cheaper material and cut corners on quality.

I love the colours of the PUMP range and comfortable material. The pouch is a little thick and heavy but I like the support. A little more room at the front would be nice though.

I generally wear a size small which fits my 30inch waist. I find the sizing is really good and not at all baggy like some other so called “smalls”.

If you like these then make sure you head over toΒ www.undieguys.com.auΒ to pick up a pair.

You can use the discount code ASTTFRATBOY to get a 10% discount on all their awesome gear until the 19th of January





One thought on “PUMP me like a Fratboy!

  • January 11, 2015 at 8:53 pm

    Shannon i don’t know what it is but you make any jockstrap look great (i do know but i’m not saying). It’s your reviews that I like to read and i trust your judgement. I have only bought about 3 pairs but they have all been reviewed and recommended by you and of course purchased from http://www.undieguys.com.au Be safe babe xx


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