Pool days at my favourite Melbourne Pool.

If you’re paying attention you will know that my favourite little slice of summer glory in Melbourne is always Prahran pool.

I have mostly lived within walking distance of this piece of heaven and if you are in Melbourne during the summer and looking for a Gay old time then Prahran pool is a must do. You will find this wonderful place on Essex st near the intersection of Chapel st and Malvern rd in Prahran.

It’s a real slice of what summer means to many Aussies. Icecreams around the pool, the smell of dry grass, scorching concrete under your feet and peeling sun tans. Make sure you pack your thongs, sun screen, hat and sunglasses. If you’re one of our delicate European flowers then you will need to be doubly sun smart.

On a sunny day the water is crystal clear and just beautiful. You can sit in the stands and watch the goings on below you, join the other Gay boys on the grass and make eyes at each other over the top of your sunglasses or grab one of the much coveted kick boards to cushion your bum and sit around the waters edge. Designer swimmers are important but not essential where a sporty classic is just as hot as a fashionable statement.

Grab a cool drink, an ice cream or a hot suggestion from the kiosk and enjoy a truly magical day.

I love this pool.


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  • January 7, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    I love the last pic.


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