Pokemon Go, Gayboy Go.

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As a fan of Doom and Pokemon I could help making this mashup hehe.

This Gayboy has been Poke-balled and sucked in to playing Pokemon Go big time. I can see half of you rolling your eyes already but I don’t care, I’m hooked.

It seems that my mates are mostly hooked or resisting but failing in their curiosity at least.

I grew up with Pokemon but this is the first time that it’s actually managed to integrate itself in to my life. The days of Cyborgs overthrowing the human race are a step closer.

Now I can play while I’m walking home and it’s been a real benefit to my health and well being. Getting out of the house to go for a wander around the local park actually makes me feel good. Who would have thought that something so insidious could do that.

The haters will always moan but I can’t fault something that gets kids and adults alike out of their houses and in to the streets and parks to get some fresh air and for those of you complaining how anti social it is you should have seen four of us at dinner the other night trading hunting stories and comparing our collections.

There will always be the nutbags causing accidents or stepping out on to roads. Technology has always moved faster than our ability to regulate our use of it.

Whatever you think I’m having a great time wandering around London and catching Pokemon.

Pika, Pika,Pika, Pikachuuuuuuuu!

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