My favourite Instagram accounts.

There are a lot of people I’m following on Instagram but there are a few stand outs that get my attention every time the pop up in my feed.

With so much getting posted and Instagrams new feed it’s hard to keep up with everybody but there are some accounts I really love and check in on at least once a day.

It’s so easy to fill our feeds with hot guys but I’ve found that the feeds I’m really drawn to follow offer much more than that. Hot guy pics are a dime a dozen and mostly I just glance over them now. They all blend together in a sea of sameness, I recently unfollowed a whole bunch of hot guy feeds for the sake of my sanity and my self esteem.

Mostly now my Instagram is some eye candy, and a lot more science and photography. If an account manages to combine at least two these interests then it’s a winner.

These are some of my favourite Instagram accounts




He has the booty I’ve always wanted and with the right mix of Twunk and Muscle I wouldn’t mind it on my face or my lap.




I Started following Space X only recently but it’s really inspiring to watch man kind reach for the stars. I love their vids and images but it’s the sense of wonder and exhilaration that brings me back to their feed every day.




One of my favourite photography feeds on Instagram.




It’s all about creativity. This average guy found n old space suit and is creating something extraordinary.Β He proves that you don’t need to be in space to inspire a sense of wanderlust and the photography is really cool.



James Kearsley is an inspiration and it reminds me everyday what real struggle and courage is. His battle with cancer and his recovery are an inspiring story every single day.

So those are my top pics from my feed. There are loads more but these are the stand outs.

What are yours?





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