My Adidas fetish is running hot!

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to clothing and labels.

I tend to dress down and avoid branded clothing or clothing which is covered in advertising, I paid for the shirt already, I’m not giving away a free plug. There are however brands that have clearly made the jump from label to fetish and Adidas is one of those.

I have always been a fan of activewear. I’m more comfortable in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt than I am in a shirt and tie. I have never found a guy in a suit very attractive. It’s probably a result of me spending as little time in offices as I could preferring locker rooms and the gym. The environment you spend most of your time in has to rub off on you eventually.


I’ve always had Adidas socks and I love their vintage shorts but I recently got myself a cap and a hoodie with the branding right across the front. It’s horny wearing it because like any fetish it evokes sex whether it’s cheeky lads with dirty smiles, guys in grey sweatpants or trackies walking the street with their cocks swinging around, Scally Lads with their hands down their pants or fit guy in long socks and trainers. I haven’t quite put my finger on why it does it for me so much right now except to say that I’ve met some filthy hot guys in Adidas.


I once rocked up to a friends place in grey trackies, Adidas trainers, t-shirt and cap and he was so turned on by my look he ended up giving me one of the hardest fucks of my life. So what is it about the look that gets guys running so hot? I don’t know but I’m sure as hell looking forward to the research.

Have you got a hot story to share? Do you have a similar fetish? Leave a comment below and tell me.


One thought on “My Adidas fetish is running hot!

  • September 25, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    I would call this a fetish but I’ve always loved guys in running gear. Lycra is ok but its difficult for a quick run of the designated track for fun were as if it was just running shorts and a jockstrap its so much easier. I think its the sporty come relaxed look that you get from a t shirt and sweatpants especially if your showing a bit of bulge through the sweatpants. Maybe your friend was actually into you and your dress of the day tipped him over the edge in more ways than one lol. Much love and peace babe xxx


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