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Now that I’m back and in the full swing of things again I’m back at the gym six days a week. Last week was a warm up week just doing some light weights and spending some time on the rowing machine. The first two weeks are always dangerous because the temptation to push hard and the chance of injury is very high so I’ve been taking it slow. I’ve also been getting back in to my diet and getting back to eating lots of veg and lean protein. The past eight months of Yorkshire and sticky date puddings have taken their toll and now it’s time to get serious again. Luckily I have the time now really get back in to doing some proper meal prep.

Having pre made meals ready in the fridge means that I snack less and eat out less often. I still have a parma with mates every Wednesday and I still mix it up when I feel like it. Making sure there was tasty healthy food in the fridge really helped me get in shape last summer gaining nearly 6kgs of lean muscle and I really want to get even better results this summer.

The best thing about these meals is that you don’t have to eat them on their own. They can be a good base, add rice, salad, sweet potato fries or anything else you want. Just remember to keep it healthy and simple.

All up I made 18 meals and it took me an hour at the most. Thats enough to get me through the week with a cheat day and a night out with mates thrown in. Thats not a bad time investment if you’re leading a busy lifestyle and want to make a healthy change.



Tuna and bean salad. 5 mins.

This is super easy and takes about five minutes to prep. Get a big glass bowl and mix Canned tuna, four bean mix, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese all together with some nice baby spinach. 



Chicken and Broccoli. 15mins

Pan fry the chicken in a little olive oil and add your favourite seasonings. I like to add more olives and sun-dried tomatoes for flavour and steam the broccoli in the same pan after cooking the chicken. No point wasting all the yummy flavour from the chicken and steaming the veg helps clean the pan so theres no hard scrubbing. One pan or pot meals are always the best.



Lean beef mince and spinach. 10mins

This tastes better than it looks hehe. Fry onions in a pan, brown the mince and season it anyway you like. I usually like Mexican seasonings and I cheat a little and add Tomato sauce or Bbq sauce when I eat it along with some yummy Lime and Chilli tortilla chips. Yum.


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  • November 1, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Damm you are organised 🙂 I do love baby brocolli tho!!!


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