Marriage Equality in Australia could be much closer than we think.

The ongoing disgrace that is the Australian Governments continued resistance to providing marriage equality to all it’s citizens could be resolved much sooner that we all expected with a private members bill ready to be introduced.

The Herald Sun has revealed that the bill will be sent to all MP’s this week with the hope that the matter can be voted on within the fortnight. The Bill is the result of an internal push within the Liberal party to force Prime Minister Turnbull to allow a free conscious vote many expect would easily succeed. The Prime Minister has been stubborn in his support of an unpopular Plebiscite however the MP’s behind the bill say several back benchers are prepared to cross the floor to finally get this done.

โ€œIt has to be resolved within the next week because itโ€™s starving the government of talking about legislationโ€, an un-named MP has said, voicing the increasing frustrations within the Liberal Party that the constant debate is distracting the government and the public from more important issues.

Here’s hoping that Australia can retake it’s place as a leader in equality and GLBTI rights around the world.

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