Mancage Vs CB3000 Vs Holy Trainer. Which Chastity cage is the best?

The Holy Trainer Maxi is a great choice if you are on the slightly thicker side. It’s the only one I could find for those of us with a little more girth.


Here you can see the Holy Trainer Sizes and the recess underneath the tube that I describe in the video. Don’t be modest when choosing what size you will need, choose the one you think will be a perfect match.

3 thoughts on “Mancage Vs CB3000 Vs Holy Trainer. Which Chastity cage is the best?”

  1. Shannon – Have you thought about discussing some of these issues you’re having with the owners/operators of bondage and pup websites to see if they’ve encountered similar problems and what they did to solve them?

  2. Shannon a great review of those three cages, who would have thought so many differences between them. Definitely a great recommendation for guys looking at cages to do research prior to purchase. Too bad the supplier/manufacturer can’t provide a try before you buy but that’s a hygiene issue. Thanks for the review and look forward to more caged adventures with you. Much love and peace babe xxx

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