London Pride.

Hey there Lads and Ladies Saturday was London Pride and it didn’t disappoint.

By now most of you will have seen lots of pictures online of this years London Pride march. Last year I went to the parade had an anxiety attack and ended up leaving without really getting to enjoy the whole day. It was at a time when I was coming to a real peak in the depression and anxiety I had been feeling from 2014 right through to the end of last year. This year Pride was very different for me. It’s been a chance to look back, and good bookend to the last twelve months of working on my mental health and trying to shake some of the negativity that plagued my last trip to the UK.

This year I was quite excited to be going to Pride. I’ve really felt a desire to reconnect with the community after isolating myself for so long and the energy and atmosphere recharges my batteries. I’ve also been much better placed to enjoy the time I am spending with my friends.

The parade itself was far too corporate for my tastes, I swear at one stage it felt like the parade went bank, bank, tech company, Sainsburys, bank, airline, TESCO, airline, bank blah blah blah. Support from employers and organisations is important but it lacked the community feel and the sense of protest and activism that previous Pride marches have had and which London has had in previous years. The thing that I felt the most was that there wasn’t enough music and dance. It was just bus after bus of colourful people waving to the crowd. It’s entertaining but not for three hours. What I love about Pride is the sensory overload of sight and sound but this year didn’t quite get there.

Despite being a little underwhelmed by the Parade and suffering from sore feet we had managed to strategically place ourselves outside of a TESCO which meant that the drinks were flowing freely and we were all quite comfortably drunk. What made the day for me were my friends and after the Parade we headed off to Ku Bar and cheap Japanese food for lots of drinking, hugging, loving, dirty jokes, perving kissing and “I love you man”s.

A great day!



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  • July 15, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    Im jealous that you can actually do adult things like drink an alcoholic beverage while you watch Pride yet you cant at Mardi Gras!!


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