LOCKED BOY DIARY – What does it feel like wearing it under clothes when nobody knows?

Another great fan question, thanks for sending this one in. Wearing the cage is a constant reminder of Sirs ownership and power over me as a kink boy. It’s a big part of my kink lifestyle and now that being caged has become permanent I’ve begun to worry less and less about whether or not other people know. Most of my friends know that I live a kink lifestyle but unless they follow my feeds I doubt they are fully aware of what that means or if I’m wearing a cage or not. Mostly I take the attitude that the people who know “get it” and the people who don’t know won’t notice it anyway. It does feel good to be bouncing and bulging around because that appeals to the exhibitionist in me, so it does feel a little bit naughty and because being caged often means that I’m horny all the time makes being in public with it on very arousing.

The stainless steel cage definitely has more weight to it so I’m much more conscious of it than the plastic which can sometimes feel like I’m not wearing it at all. When the weather gets warmer I’ll go commando in basketball, running shorts or grey sweatpants and that will feel really naughty.


One thought on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – What does it feel like wearing it under clothes when nobody knows?”

  1. Yep I have to agree that when I wear mine (even though i’m not owned, I like the feel of it) it does feel somewhat erotic to know that someone might notice but would never say anything just look. It does also add to being that little bit more hornier than usual. Much love and peace babe XXX

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