LOCKED BOY DIARY – The myth of shrinking?

Okay, this post might raise some debate. As a locked boy “shrinking” is something that I think about. If I don’t use it will I lose it?

A lot of the locked boys that I see in my feeds are using chastity to shrink their dicks by gradually using smaller and smaller cages over time. It’s an aspect of the kink and the fetish that I’m not in too. I am not caged as a way of being emasculated or feminised. My dick is caged by Sir as a symbol of my submission to him.

Shrinking my dick holds no interest for me so I decided to do a little research about whether this is actually something that happens to lads who are caged long term and if it’s something that I should be concerned about.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research online and the general consensus is that permanent shrinking of your penis through chastity is a myth but that there is no way of decisively telling one way or the other because I have not been able to find any medical studies have been done on the subject.

Personally I haven’t experienced any shrinking or erectile disfunction since I began using chastity cages over a year ago. If anything my hardon is harder and bigger after being caged but that may just be because I’m horny as hell. My current locked period has now reached 162 days but I qualify this by saying that I have removed my cage to shower and check everything is healthy on a regular basis, and I have had no problems getting hard nor have I noticed any change in size. I also deliberately wear a cage that is large and doesn’t restrict or compress my dick too much because I prefer the aesthetic of a big locked dick.

Natural shrinking can occur with age, smoking and reduced testosterone, also gaining weight can make your dick appear to get shorter but when it comes to chastity the anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that most penises return to their original length and size over a matter of days as the blood flow and tissue stretching returns.

The main concern seems to be with longterm permanent chastity and the side effects to your health and regular bodily function. I did find some anecdotes from men who claimed to had been locked for five and six years who suffered from enlarged prostates and other problems as a result.

But anecdotal evidence from chastity bloggers including myself is not a reliable source of information on this question so I’m reluctant to quote or share those sources here.

Instead I think the last word should be from a medical professional.

I did find an article with a qualified Urologist that did offer a medical opinion on male chastity which is worth reading here.

In this 2013 article by Dan Savage the Urologist Stephen H. King, MD said,

“Nocturnal/spontaneous erections are hypothesized to exist to encourage blood flow and stretching of the vascular and erectile tissue to keep it healthy and prevent atrophy.”

and goes on to say,

“As a urologist, my primary concern is long-term health and preservation of erectile function ‘down the road,’ so I tend to err on the cautious side, especially in someone young with many good erections ahead of him,” said Dr. King. “So if LOCKED came to my clinic with this question, I’d certainly caution against any long-term or continuous use of such a device, anything more than four to six hours, if it places any significant compression on the tissue directly.”

So in my opinion if I was going to draw a personal conclusion from what I’ve found it would be that I should go ahead and enjoy my chastity cage but that I should remove it regularly and enjoy rubbing one out as well. Using my dick is as much fun as not using it.

What ever you decide about your chastity journey remember that safety should always win over fantasy. Listen to your body and if you have concerns then speak to a qualified medical professional.


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  1. Shannon, thanks for taking the time to do some research on this I am sure it will answer someones question or even make them aware of the health aspects of chastity. Much love and peace babe XXXX

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