LOCKED BOY DIARY – Should you trim, shave or go natural?

Keeping yourself well maintained while you wear a chastity cage is important if you want to avoid, itching, chaffing, oozing and generally poor hygiene. Whether or not you should trim, shave or let it go natural is a good question.

Personally I have never been a fan of the full shave, I find it a bit icky and odd looking especially on a Top. Unless I’m prepping for a session as a sub boy I never go for a full shave unless the Dom requires it. I’m not a fan of an unkept bush either, if I’m going down on you I don’t want to be picking your pubes off my tongue.

Wearing a cage does make things slightly more complicated. Whether you like the look of being shaved or trimmed, comfort is super important. Personally I prefer to trim with clippers, my Manscapped Lawnmower is perfect for this. It looks tidy and prevents hairs from getting caught up in the cage and pinching or pulling, but it doesn’t run the risk of ingrown hairs like shaving does. Shaving also itches like hell when it starts to grow back which can be really uncomfortable, especially around the cages ring and the edges of the tube where they rub against the skin. I also find that chaffing is more likely to occur around the parts of the cage that rub when I am fully shaved and this can irritate the hair follicles and cause redness.

After doing your maintenance in the shower do a quick inspection to make sure that everything is okay and then gently rub your fingers against the grain of the hairs to help release any follicles and make sure they don’t go ingrown.

If I do shave I am very careful to moisturise after I finish and let the skin breath and dry before putting the cage back on. It’s important because damp or greasy skin can go cold and clammy and become uncomfortable or even painful.

Leave a comment below if you have any tips to share about how to take care of yourself while caged. What works for you? What do you think people should avoid?

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3 thoughts on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – Should you trim, shave or go natural?”

  1. Always good to get tips from someone who is used to being caged. I am about to be caged so I read your posts on this topic with the knowledge that it is written by a person who has experience. As you do, I trim (i’m not into fully smooth on me anyways). I have no idea when my cage will arrive but im holding out in anticipation. Thank again Shannon for your advice. Much love and peace xxx

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