LOCKED BOY DIARY – Its about being dominated rather than submission.

One of the big kinks that goes with male chastity is shrinking or using consecutively smaller and smaller cages to shrink the penis which is often referred to as a clit or nub. I think that for some into male chastity it also comes with a sense of feminisation.

Everybody’s kink is personal. I don’t really understand it myself and I say without judgement that it’s not for me or why I enjoy chastity cages myself.

Caging for me is firmly about the feeling of being dominated by an Alpha or a Master. It’s another tool that I use to help put me in to my sub headspace. Waking up in the morning horny as hell and not being able to do anything about it except grind against my pillow makes me feel at the mercy of my Dom or key holder. The sense of being owned is a huge turn on for me. Feeling the weight of the cage, the size of my bulge, my balls heavy, and being held in an almost constant state of arousal is a reminder for me of my place as a boy and my role to serve, it’s a locked dick not a “clit”.

The Psychology of my sub headspace is complex. And goes deeper that what I can fully explore in a single post as it is constantly changing and evolving depending on who my Dom is at the time. What I do know for sure is that I have always been a sub even when first started to explore my sexuality I knew that I wanted to be dominated in this way.

Do you use chastity cages yourself? Why does it work for you?

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