LOCKED BOY DIARY – God damn I miss sex!

I really REALLY miss sex, sex with other people to be specific, and locked away in my Holy Trainer and plugged with my Lovense Hush, sex with myself means long distance wifi enabled sex with my Twitter fans.

So yeah by this stage of being locked I had expected to be living it up as a locked bottom boy but 2020 so far seems to have found the ultimate cock blocker in the form of the Rona.

I know that there are a bunch of you on Twitter, OnlyFans and in the Members section who are spoiling to see me get gagged, pounded, railed, and spit roasted, but I’ve decided that while we are under lockdown it’s going to be solos only. I’m not doing it because I think that I’m likely to get the Rona, I’m doing it because it’s the right thing to do right now. If keeping each other safe and the community safe means I can’t get laid for a little while then that’s okay with me.

I really fucking miss fucking but it’s not like I’m being asked to go to war or put on a mask and work in a hospital. I can help by just doing the right thing, because I know that I could make people around me get sick and not even realise it. I could leave the virus on a door knob, or supermarket touch screen, or I could use the ATM and leave it there, or on the door of my Uber. Somebody could then pick it up and give it to their Mum or their dad or their kids.

So until then I’ll have to try and find some more creative ways to entertain you. It’s been fun messing around with my hush plug and giving my toys a good workout. The door frame was an excellent suggestion, maybe I should try a few other things around the apartment LOL. I don’t wanna gross out my housemate though, hygiene is important LOL.

For now please be patient, there are lot of offers in the wings for when lockdown ends.

God damn I miss sex, but not enough to risk it.

Be safe everyone, be kind to yourselves and to each other.






One thought on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – God damn I miss sex!”

  1. Hi Shannon, once again great wise words and very considerate as always. There will be plenty of time for actual physical contact ofter Rona has gone and you can cum (there’s a play on words). Till then charge up that Hush plug and prepare for (in the words of the Bee Gees) “good vibrations” Much love and peace xxx

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