LOCKED BOY DIARY – Balancing my hyper sexual kink lifestyle.

Since I started really exploring my sub headspace about a year ago I have learnt a lot about myself, my limits, and the difference between what is fantasy and reality. I have always wanted to be an owned boy but the reality of what that means is going to be challenging.

Maintaining a balance between my sub boy headspace and my regular everyday life has been becoming more and more challenging as my everyday life becomes hyper sexualised. I have thought about the sub lifestyle and being collared a lot for a very long time but this is the first time that I have experienced it and its pushing my limits at every level.

I have always been a very sexual person and sex has always been an extremely large part of my life. My sex life has also been very unhealthy and toxic at times and I have to be very careful when it starts to run away from me. Sexuality has been consuming a lot of my bandwidth over the past month and there are times when even I need a break.

Since lockdown and meeting Sir my everyday has become hyper sexual as my kinks move from a play space to a lifestyle. Being locked in chastity and collared means that sex is in the front of my mind all the time and that manifests itself in my social media and my daily routines. Mentally I have found that it takes a lot of discipline to keep everything together. Sir likes to keep me caged, collared and plugged most days which means constant vigilance and preparation. Those of you who bottom will know what it’s like to prepare for a dick appointment but when you have to be ready for almost anything at anytime, diet, hygiene and time management all become super important. The mental and physical discipline of maintaining this everyday can be exhausting. I need to be careful not to have blow outs where I gorge myself on sex and food and then end up feeling depressed, I will have to listen carefully to myself and let Sir know when I am starting to feel run down.

Right now I feel like sex has taken over my life and I need to restore some balance again. So as I move from a play space to lifestyle what are the things I am doing at the moment to return that balance?

Firstly I think that the current level of intensity its high but acceptable. Sir and I are interacting everyday although this is a kink partnership and not a romantic relationship. Maintaining open and honest communication with Sir will be the key to keeping a good Kink/life balance. Sir has made a real point of making sure I know that I can speak at anytime without judgement which is very important. Things have been intense because of lockdown and the excess of free time we have had, but that should settle down as work and my regular social life begins to normalise.

Secondly I hold my family, work and health above my kinks at all times. Sir understands this and it’s something that I made a point of discussing with him before signing Sirs contract.

Thirdly it’s important to maintain my independent social life and circle of friends as well as maintain my interests in other things. I can sometimes get too focussed on Sir and my duties as a boy, then my friendships and other aspects of my life suffer because I do not pay attention to them.

I love my role as an owned boy now I just need to strike the right balance with Sir.

Have you had a similar experience? Are you in a Kink partnership yourself? If you have any tips please share them and leave a comment below.


3 thoughts on “LOCKED BOY DIARY – Balancing my hyper sexual kink lifestyle.”

  1. I’ve struggled myself with finding that balance in the past. Open and honest communication helps immeasurably, with others as well as with yourself. It sounds like you have your priorities straight, and it looks like you’re doing just fine ?

  2. I have never had this type of relationship. However, I endorse Thackery’s comment. Communication is crucial in relationships.

  3. Im very proud of you Shannon for being so open and honest with all of us and sharing your thoughts in regards to the Sub Boy and the relationship with Sir. It is very important in any situation to have open and honest communication with all parties. Accepting the boundaries set and reminding others where the boundary lines are. When Rona settles and you get back to a routine of work and home life of some sort I am sure you will find that balance. Much Love and Peace babe XXX

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